Types of Moulding Possible with GFRG

Types of Moulding Possible with GFRG

Types of Moulding Possible with GFRG 150 150 gcproductsinc

Moulding creates small areas of customized design around an interior space, and is traditionally found on walls, near ceilings, and at a baseboard level. GFRG moulding design can be simple or intricate with designs that add personalized style to a space, provide a visual break between walls and ceilings, and add warmth and historic charm to any building.

Traditionally made with plaster moldings, GFRG offers a more durable and convenient alternative for moulding, while still retaining all the design possibilities. Today, properties use GFRG to make all of the various styles of moulding.

GFRG Moudling Styles

The extensive customization options possible with glass fiber reinforced gypsum make it possible to craft any type of historic or modern molding. These various types include:

  • Crown Moulding – One of the best known moulding styles is crown molding. GFRG crown moulding goes in the corner between the wall and the ceiling with an angle of approximately 45 degrees for a gentle transition from wall to ceiling. Crown molding can be narrow or tall and simple or intricate, although generally the larger space you have, the bolder the look of crown moulding.
  • Friezes – A GFRG frieze is a decorative trim applied at the top of the wall, usually in combination with crown moulding. It is vertical and sits flush against the wall rather than angled to the ceiling. Like crown molding, any design is possible.
  • Chair Rails – GFRG chair rails add decorative trim to walls about the mid height of the room, or where the top of the chair reaches. 
  • GFRG Trims – Usually simpler than mouldings, trims can go between the wall and ceiling or elsewhere in the room to help visually break up the space.
  • Door Moldings – Interior door mouldings go above and around doors and offer impressive designs to help accent a door, particularly entry doors.
  • Panel Moulding – GFRG panel molding combines horizontal and vertical trims to create rectangular frames on the wall, often with other small decorative elements incorporated.  With GFRG, these trims can be created individually or as part of a GFRG panel. 

The design for GFRG moulding is first created in CAD software before we make custom molds. Because GFRG pours smoothly into these molds, each piece of GFRG crown molding is identical and perfectly crafted.

At GC Products we can work with you to design the perfect moulding type for your property with custom GFRG in any design whether you want to imitate a historical style, choose from a standard design option, or have a completely new look in mind. Learn more about the options for GFRG moulding when you contact GC Products.

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