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GFRG Domes from GC Products, Inc

One of the most popular materials being used in architectural design and construction is GFRC. Glass fiber reinforced concrete, or GFRC, is quickly becoming the most popular material for exterior architectural designs. It is durable, yet malleable, and provides you with the customization capabilities needed for any project.

GC Products Inc. has been a leading manufacturer for GFRC and GFRG for almost two decades. One of our most popular requests for GFRC is the development of GFRC domes. We create durable, perfectly crafted domes that match your vision, all for a competitive price. With the ability to provide domes for both commercial and residential properties, GC Products is the leading choice in all architectural GFRC. Call 916-645-3870 for more information.

Why Choose GFRC Domes?

There is no one size fits all approach to a GFRC dome, which is why we make sure to specialize in both standard and custom domes. GFRC is the material of choice for exterior domes. If you’re looking for an interior dome, you may prefer GFRG.

At GC Products Inc., we also offer different styles of domes, as each one can be crafted in our CAD design software and poured perfectly in a mold to match your design expectations. Sizes range from just a couple feet in diameter to several dozen. Some of the dome structures we can create include:

  • Cloister Vaults
  • Onion Domes
  • Monolythic Domes
  • Saucer Domes
  • Umbrella Domes, and More

These are only a few examples of the many domes capable of being crafted with GFRC. All of the domes can also be cut and framed to fit your construction project, or retrofitted to match the dome you’re hoping to restore.

Benefits of Using GFRC For Your Dome

GFRC is a material of a wide range of positive benefits. The advantages of GFRC compared to competing materials such as stone, terra cotta, and traditional concrete include:

  • Strength – GFRC is reinforced with fiberglass to create a durable and long-lasting material to fit your design needs. It can withstand damages that many other materials on the market cannot. Any intricate patterns you have in mind can be maintained with our material as it will not crack and will hold up against all types of weather.
  • Customizable – Our product can be easily manufactured into any shape, size, design, and style you please. It is easily poured into molds that match your design no matter how intricate, and its strength allows it to maintain that style. The final product also comes finished in white, making it incredibly to customize and paint the color to your liking.
  • Easy Installation – GFRC is lightweight compared to other materials. It is then easier to install and requires far less manpower, saving you even more money. Shipping is also easier, and depending on the design you may be able to use less material to still create a long lasting finished piece.
  • Fireproof and Waterproof – GFRC is primarily an exterior product. It thus needs to be able to handle wet weather and harsh weather conditions outside, as well as potential disasters from inside. GFRC is naturally both fireproof and significantly water resistant, reducing the risk of damage.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Glass fiber reinforced concrete is made of a mixture of natural minerals. It also requires less cement, which is otherwise typically a more intensive material to create.
  • Long Lasting – GFRC requires little to no maintenance once installed. The material is designed durable, making it an ideal choice for domes as it would be a hassle to have to maintain a structure of great heights.

Altogether, GFRC domes have numerous benefits over competing products. If you want to take advantage of these benefits and craft the perfect dome for your next project, contact GC Products today at 916-645-3870.


Q: Can GFRC be used indoors?

A: It can be used indoors, but in most settings it is preferable for both cost and design to use GFRG, which is traditionally designed for outdoor use. GFRG domes are also quite common indoors, so visit our page to learn more.

Q: Is GFRC structurally sound?

A: Yes. GFRC is capable of withstanding immense pressure without breaking or cracking. Though it is considered an architectural component, not a structural one, so while its durability is an asset it is important to figure out whether the structure will have independent support.

Q: Do I need an internal frame?

A: It depends on the type of dome and structure. We’re happy to discuss this with you on our call.


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