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Custom GFRG Designs and Superior Services 

Architectural GFRG has replaced alternative materials like plastic when it comes to interior design elements at new and existing properties. Easily moldable, GFRG can create everything from sweeping curves to intricate details, making it the ideal choice for elements like ceiling and wall medallions.

GC Products, Inc. specializes in GFRG ceilings, and medallions are one of the products we can create to make your custom ceiling a showcase part of your property. We have nearly endless options for customization all available with the affordable costs of GFRG. To get more information on GFRG medallions, contact us at 916.645.3870.

Why Create Custom Medallions with GC Products

At GC Products, we have been working with GFRG for more than 2 decades, using a production process that yields high quality architectural elements and superior artistry. We have advanced design and fabrication capabilities, and partner with properties of all sizes.

An architectural medallion can be used in a variety of locations and for different purposes inside a building. They often adorn the peak of a dome or surround a chandelier. They can also be used on vertical and horizontal surfaces as a decorative feature. With many options available, medallions are property at many types of properties, including:

  • Hotels
  • Resorts
  • Casinos
  • Government Buildings
  • Banks
  • Churches
  • Historic Properties

We also create custom GFRG ceilings and domes, and can incorporate ceiling medallions into a larger project.

Benefits of Using GFRG for Architectural Medallions

We fabricate GFRG medallions by first rendering the design in CAD software, or acquiring your designer’s renderings. This lets us produce highly intricate designs that translate directly to the mold-making process. Using technology gives us capabilities of precision and artistry yet with a rapid turnaround time.

Once the mold is ready, we spray a liquid GFRG mixture into the mold. Our technique makes sure the mixture goes in evenly for a smooth, uniform finish and interior strength. The GFRG cures in the mold 

  • Ability to Create Identical Medallions – No matter how detailed your design, using molds makes it possible to fabricate dozens of medallions exactly the same. This is ideal since many properties will have multiple medallions throughout the interior.
  • Cost-Effective – Most medallions in the past were created on site from plaster. The process was time consuming and painstaking. GFRG makes medallions possible at a fraction of the time for a more affordable product.
  • Lightweight for Easy Installation – GFRG weighs far less than drywall, plaster, and other artistic mediums. You can generally install it without first building additional supports into the ceiling, and limited manpower is all you will need to get it into place.
  • Long Lasting – The fiberglass reinforcement keeps GFRG from crumbling or cracking like plaster might. It is also fire resistant and simple to clean with soap and water.
  • Environmentally Friendly – We use renewable resources and recycled materials in the manufacture of GFRG products, causing less environmental impact than alternative options for ceiling medallions.

GFRG is not a waterproof material, and is therefore only suitable for indoor use. When you are placing a medallion on the exterior of your property, we recommend GFRC, a similar material that uses a base of waterproof concrete instead of gypsum. We are able to create GFRC medallions as well.

Our team at GC Products, Inc. is experienced in fabricating GFRG and GFRC medallions. We have a variety of more standard designs you can choose from, or you can work one on one with our designers to create a bespoke medallion design that matches your property’s architectural style. Fill out the contact form or call us at 916.645.3870 to start the design process.

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