GFRC Cornices from GC Products, Inc.

Traditional and Custom Cornices from Lightweight GFRC

A cornice is the crowning element on a building, often placed at the roofline. With designs ranging from simple ledges to complex artistic focal points, GFRC is the ideal material for fabricating this artistic element. GFRC provides the customizability, lightweight, and affordability to incorporate a cornice into any design.

GC Products is a leader in GFRC fabrication. We create standard cornices at affordable prices, and also fabricate custom GFRC cornices from your designs. With state of the art equipment and an expert team, we can work with you to design and fabricate any cornice style at a high quality. Get more information about GFRC for architectural cornices when you contact us at 916.645.3870 or fill out our online form.

Why Choose GC Products for Exterior GFRC Cornices

A cornice provides visual appeal to otherwise plain rooflines. Whether they are simple with straight lines or incorporate carvings, dentils, and projections, a cornice is an important aspect of exterior designs on most buildings. Functionally, a GFRC cornice serves as a natural overhang to protect both the building and visitors from sun and rain.

As a result, many buildings incorporate a cornice into the design. We have fabricated GFRC cornices to remodel existing buildings and for new construction for buildings of all styles. The types of properties we work with include:

  • Shopping Centers
  • Retail Stores
  • Government Buildings
  • Universities and Schools
  • Churches and Religious Centers
  • Historic Renovations

At GC Products, we are also expert designers of GFRG cornices. Similar to GFRC, this alternative material is gypsum-based. It does not have the waterproof capabilities of GFRC and is ideal for interior cornices. We can design a range of architectural cornices for interior or exterior use depending on your property’s needs.

Benefits of Cornices from GFRC

Traditionally, cornices were made from stones, like granite or limestone. More recent construction has used precast concrete. All of these materials are heavy, and many are expensive and fragile. Granite and limestone cornices are typically hand carved as well, which is a slow and painstaking process.

GFRC is a superior architectural design material for cornices and is the preferred option for many designers and property owners. We fabricate GFRC cornices by adding concrete reinforced with fiberglass to special molds. With a curing time of less than a day, GFRC cornices are completed efficiently and affordably.  The additional advantages of GFRC include:

  • Standard Designs – We offer a variety of standard GFRC cornice designs in styles often seen in Federal architectural, Greek and Roman buildings, Neoclassical architecture, and Gothic architecture, as well as the simpler shapes of modern architecture.
  • Custom Designs – We can also custom make GFRC molds for any design if you are seeking a more unique style. Custom shapes, curves, and details are all possible, and can either be replicated from your design or created with the help of our in-house designers.
  • Range of Finishes – GFRC is easily finished with paint and texturing. This makes it possible to match it to any building style, and to imitate other materials like limestone or granite, achieving any look at a fraction of the cost and time.
  • Lightweight Material – Because GFRC is a fraction of the weight of stone or precast concrete, installation does not require you to build a special support structure. The existing framework can generally support most GFRC cornices, making installation faster and more affordable.
  • Easy Maintenance – GFRC is a waterproof and crack resistant material that will last outdoors for years. A property owner can also easily clean GFRC cornices when necessary with standard cleaning materials or low pressure washing.

With standard cornices that range from historic to ultra-modern and the capabilities to create a fully custom GFRC mold, GC Products can fabricate cornices for any property. Call us today at 916.645.3870 or use our contact form to share the details of your project. Our engineers look forward to discussing how we can make your design a reality.

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