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Expert GFRC Fabrication from an Experienced Company

GFRC, short for glass fiber reinforced concrete, is the construction material currently replacing most other options, particularly when it comes to decorative elements like cupolas. GFRC has all the strength and durability of concrete, while the fiberglass reinforcement makes the cupola moldable to your desired shape and lightweight for easier installation.

GC Products, Inc. is a GFRC and GFRG fabrication company creating traditional and customized architectural cupolas. We craft expertly made cupolas from your designs or those drawn up by our in-house designers, all depending on your needs. Call us at 916.645.3870 to get more information and a quote for a GFRC cupola.

Properties We Work With for Custom GFRC Products

With years of experience in designing and fabricating GFRC architectural elements, GC Products is a leading supplier of custom fiberglass ceilings, domes, and cupolas. We use a range of technology and state-of-the-art equipment to craft each piece we work on, but we also bring our expertise in GFRC fabrication for dependable quality every time. 

We work on orders for properties of all sizes. A GFRC cupola can fit at any property and, with our design options, can match any architectural style. We have created cupolas for:

  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Casinos
  • Retail Developments
  • Restaurants
  • Churches
  • Government Buildings

Another popular and dramatic option is to place a cupola on a dome. At GC Products, GFRC domes are one of our specialties. We can integrate the design for your cupola with a standard style or entirely custom dome design and provide a cohesive exterior for your property.

Why Use GFRC for Architectural Cupolas

Cupolas can fulfill a variety of purposes. They can be small and purely for decoration at the top of a dome, belltower, or roofline. They can incorporate spaces for interior lighting or ventilation. Other cupolas form a small room, offering people a view of the surrounding area. For any style cupola, we use GFRC because it is:

  • Lightweight – GFRC is significantly lighter than stone or precast concrete. This makes it far more cost-effective to ship and install since it can be done without building extensive supports or using costly special equipment and labor.
  • Premanufactured for Affordability – We cast GFRC into molds at our production facility and let it cure before shipping it to you. When you receive the cupola, you need only install and finish it. There is no expensive on-site work to be done
  • Eco-Friendly – We create GFRC from natural and recycled materials, and with a process that produces minimal waste. Because GFRC uses glass fibers for strength, we can also use less concrete in the mixture, which is one of the less environmentally friendly components.
  • Durable and Long Lasting – A cupola will naturally endure different weather conditions, and GFRC is able to withstand almost any weather. It is waterproof and UV resistant. It also resists any cracking, warping, or crumpling that might occur with traditional concrete.

Another benefit to GFRC are the design and finishing options. We can make cupolas in a variety of traditional architectural styles, or even replicate historical cupolas you want to replace. After installation, you can finish the cupola in any way desired. Common options are to imitate marble, clay, or wood.

Our team of engineers and fabricators at GC Products is here to assist you with every step of the process. Many of our clients come with designs from the architect ready for production, and we can build the molds and craft the domes to your exact specifications. But we can also work directly with our clients to help you choose from new or existing GFRC cupola designs and engineer the cupola element that will perfectly finish the roof of your property.

To get started, use our contact form or call us at 916.645.3870. We will go over your ideas and technical needs, any design work already done, and the options we have with GFRC.

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