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Durable, lightweight, and affordable, glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) is a highly effective architectural material. Here at GC Products, Inc., we are committed to crafting the custom products you need for your architectural designs, and our GFRC creations are one of the premier solutions we have available for your next build. For a custom quote, call us today at 916-645-3870.

What is GFRC?

GFRC is a composite cast material made up of Portland Cement, aggregate, Alkali resistant fiberglass, and several effective additives. This combination creates a material that is ideal for everything from custom GFRC columns to complex, custom architectural design.

GFRC has numerous advantages over other types of architectural concrete designs, including:

  • Lighter weight – GFRC is far lighter than traditional concrete. Its lightweight has many of its own benefits, such as reduced shipping and less pressure on the foundation.
  • Higher Strength – GFRC has a very high strength to weight ratio and prevents cracking, chipping, and water damage.
  • Malleable – GFRC can be shaped into even the most complex molds, opening up doors for new designs that would otherwise be out of reach.

This material is also a great choice for exterior solutions, with a colors and textures that few other forms of concrete can match.

GC Products, Inc. is one of the only national providers of GFRC designs. Based in Northern California, our team can create everything from typical Tuscan columns to complex architectural designs, utilizing the flexibility of GFRC to craft the perfect shapes for your next project.

Interested in GFRC – Contact GC Products, Inc. Today

We pride ourselves on our commitment to quality craftsmanship, and our long lasting glassfiber reinforced concrete material. For years, GC Products has supplied GFRC for architectural builds both large and small, and we are ready to begin crafting your next idea. For more information, fill out our form or call us today to get started.

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