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GFRG is a lightweight, durable, and easily molded material used primarily in architectural design. Its versatility makes it an ideal choice for a variety of panels, trims, ceilings, and decorative pieces. But at GC Products Inc, we have found that one of our most popular requests if for GFRG columns.

We create custom GFRG columns and column covers for commercial and residential construction. We have many standard molds available, from 8” diameter to 48” diameter, for more low-cost options, and we can create custom designs specified by architects or with our in-house designers. For a quote to receive your GFRG columns, contact GC Products today at 916-645-3870.

Why GFRG Columns from GC Products, Inc?

Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum, shorthanded to GFRG, is one of the most popular materials used in today’s construction. It is lightweight, easy to install, malleable to almost any type of design, eco-friendly, and extremely durable – capable of withstanding immense amounts of pressure despite its lighter weight. GFRG typically comes in gypsum white ready for paint.

That combination of advantages is perhaps why it is quickly becoming the most popular material for columns. We have created GFRG columns for countless industries, including (but not limited to):

  • Casinos
  • Hotels
  • Government Buildings
  • Large Residential Properties
  • Office Complex, and More

Custom GFRG columns have replaced wood, marble, stone, and plaster columns and because of their immense durability, as these fire resistant columns are capable of withstanding the tests of time when used indoors. They are also used to cover up structural beams and necessary framing to maintain the architectural design.

GFRG column covers are the preferred choice of both contractors and property owners/managers. Their ability to provide attractive and long lasting columns of nearly any custom design makes them the perfect choice for new and existing property projects. If you are ready to get started, contact GC Products Inc today at 916.645.3870 or fill out the form below for more information.

Advantages of GFRG Columns:

  • Design Consistency – Because each column pours smoothly into the mold, there is outstanding consistency between columns. Perfect for larger properties that are expected to require multiple columns that all need to maintain an identical appearance.
  • Easy Shipping and Installation – GFRG is lightweight, so shipment costs are lower for most businesses. Because of GFRG’s lightweight design, the products require less framing and man-power saving installation costs across the board.
  • Premanufacture – Our columns are created at our warehouse can then be sent to the location for immediate installation. This differs from products like plaster, which need to be crafted on-site and extend the time to completion. Because they are premanufactured out of precise molds, human error is virtually eliminated on site.
  • Standard Designs Available – We offer completely custom columns for those that require a unique design. But we also have standard column types available that are ready to be casted at any time. We stock molds from 8” diameter to 48” diameter and every 2” in between.
  • Durable and Resistant – GFRG is one of the most durable materials available, especially combined with its lighter weight. It is likely to last decades longer in perfect condition when compared to other material options. It also has zero smoke and zero flame when exposed to fire, increasing the safety of the property.

These are only a few of the advantages of GFRG columns, and there may be many other additional benefits depending on the architectural design you have in mind.

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    Q: I Read That GFRG Columns Are Only for Indoor Use. What if I Need Outdoor Columns?

    A: GFRG is not intended for exterior or wet environments, which is why it is only recommended for indoor use. For exterior applications or wet environments, we can manufacture GFRC columns. GFRC columns have similar advantages but are perfectly capable of being used for outdoor projects.

    Q: I Want My GFRG Column in a Non-White Color. Can You Help?

    A: Yes. While GFRG only comes in a traditional white gypsum color, it is intended to be painted. Any color that you want to achieve for your designs should be possible using GFRG.

    Q: Can GFRG Be Used as Load Bearing Support?

    A: GFRG is a nonstructural product. However, it is an excellent option for wrapping or hiding structural elements. Because of its thin design and easy installation, it can be used to cover necessary structural support with an aesthetically pleasing look.

    Q: What is the Biggest Column Available?

    A: We have standard molds available from 8” diameter to 48” diameter up to 12’ tall. But we can make much larger if necessary. The columns can be stacked seamlessly to achieve whatever height is necessary. We can also make a custom mold to larger diameters when specified.

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