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Custom Design GFRG Panels for Your Architectural Designs

Quality architecture is about more than the initial design. It is about creating a visual display that lasts for the life of the property. That is why GFRG is such an outstanding choice for everything from columns to ceilings to moldings. It is also an outstanding choice for panels. GFRG panels can be custom crafted to your exact specifications, with excellent design consistency that is made to last.

If you are ready to order GFRG panels, please contact GC Products Inc today at 916-645-3870, or fill out the form below for more information.

Benefits of GFRG Panels

GFRG, also known as GRG, is “Glass fiber reinforced gypsum,” – a lightweight material whose popularity for architectural design has quickly become widespread. It is used on a variety of different products, but it is especially interesting for panels, because it has several advantages that make GFRG panels a better choice than other products in the market today. These benefits include:

  • Durability and Fireproofing – For its size, GFRG is one of the most durable materials available today. It is resistant to fire, with an impact resistance of >3 ft./lb and a flexural strength of >2500 psi, all of which means that your panel GFRG walls are likely to stay exactly as they were originally fabricated for decades to come.
  • Design Consistency – When creating GFRG walls using your own custom panel design, consistency is critical. Luckily, GFRG pours perfectly into molds for identical, flawless designs every time.
  • Lightweight and Easy to Install – GFRG’s durability is matched only by its light weight, which is what makes it such a unique material for designers and contractors. It takes much less manpower to install and less likely to cause damage over time due to gravity.
  • Pre-Fabricated – GFRG panels are pre-manufactured offsite and shipped to any location. Because of they’re light weight, the shipping costs are low, and the panels will be ready in time to place on the walls and complete the project.
  • Customizable and Easy to Paint – From the standard to the unique, GFRG panels respond well to customization, as essentially any mold shape or shapes can be created to match the design ideas that you’ve had in mind. Gypsum is also easy to paint, so you’ll be able to customize the color as well.

GFRG is a highly versatile material with many advantages over other architectural products, and because of its light weight and easy installation, the overall costs for GFRG panels tend to be less as well.

Why Trust GC Products for GFRG Panel Manufacturing?

GC Products Inc has been one of the North American leaders in GFRG manufacturing and design for over 15 years, before more and more contractors began integrating GFRG into their construction projects. GC Projects has crafted custom GFRG Panels for properties of all different types and themes, including:

  • Museums
  • Casinos
  • Hotels
  • Business Campuses
  • Government Offices, and More

With GFRG’s design flexibility and the potential to create either durable and long lasting simple walls, or creative designs that are impactful to the eye, GC Products will help complete the project on time and on budget, as we are a family owned business that still remains dedicated to customer service and support. To begin the order process for your custom GFRG panels, please contact GC Products today.

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    FAQ About GFRG Panels

    Q: Is GFRG Only for Decorative Wall Panels?

    A: Because of its durability and resistance to fire and smoke, many companies choose to use GFRG as a way to extend the life of their property and reduce the risk of fire. But because GFRG is easily customizable, it is more commonly used when the architect has a specific design in mind.

    Q: What Color Do GFRG Panels Come In?

    A: Glassfiber reinforced gypsum is a natural gypsum color, which is essentially a matte white. That makes it easy to paint any color that you may prefer for your property.

    Q: Do GFRG Walls Require a Lot of Maintenance?

    A: GFRG is a low maintenance product, so GFRG panels tend to be extremely easy to maintain. As with essentially any property, paint choice does play a role, as matte paints may be more difficult to clean than glossy paints, for example, but those are based on paint type. GFRG itself requires almost no maintenance.

    Q: How Much Structural Support Do GFRG Panels Need?

    A: Far less than other architectural products. GFRG is notable for its light weight, especially when compared to other panel materials. The cost savings that attracts most contractors is that it takes less manpower to install, but it also requires less structural support as it tends to put less weight on the beams and walls.

    Q: How Much Do GFRG Panels Cost?

    A: Every project is unique, so please contact GC Products today. All of our quotes are hassle free, and you can also fill out the form below and we can communicate via email as well.


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