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GFRC Cladding from GC Products, Inc.

The exterior of a property is the first thing a person notices when they step nearby. Often, that means custom, attractive cladding that will both meet the design needs of your property while also meeting the needs of the architects and construction team.

GFRC cladding has quickly become the most popular choice for architectural design, and GC Products is the industry leader in custom, quality GFRC cladding for design projects of all shapes and sizes. If you’re in need of a GFRC façade panels for your property, contact GC Products Inc., today at 916-645-3870 or fill out our form below to receive a quote or discuss the details of your project.

Why Order Custom GFRC Panels and Cladding from GC Products Inc

GC Products creates custom GFRC cladding – as well as all custom GFRG and GFRC architectural products – that meet the needs of our customers. We manufacture these panels with competitive prices and outstanding quality designs, so that you have the highest quality cladding in time for your project’s completion.

GFRC has also become the preferred choice for architects and contractors. Compared to alternatives like wood, metal, vinyl, brick, and more, GFRC is:

  • Fireproof – Because the cladding plays such a key role in the fire resistance of a property, GFRC cladding is an excellent choice for buildings where fireproofing is a top priority.
  • Waterproof – GFRC is also waterproof (which is what makes it a better option than GFRG for exterior designs). It is able to withstand rain, snow, and sun and is far easier to clean and care for.
  • Strong/Durable – GFRC cladding is perhaps some of the strongest cladding material available on the market today. It resists blunt force, it resists aging, and it is capable of intricate designs that are less likely to break or chip.
  • Light Weight – Despite its durability and strength, GFRC cladding is also a lighter weight than some durable competing materials. That makes it possible to install these panels using less manpower and with less supporting structures, saving money on the project.
  • Uniform Designs – We create custom molds depending on your design. GFRC then pours cleanly into the mold, which means identical designs each and every time.
  • Excellent Energy Efficiency – GFRC is a dense material that can withstand heat and improve energy efficiency, saving you additional money over time.

GFRC is pre-cast, easily installed, and capable of intricate custom designs that many other materials struggle with. GFRC has numerous advantages over other materials, making it the right choice for many architectural projects.

Why Choose GC Products for Your GFRC Cladding

GC Products specializes in custom GFRC designs of all different sizes, including panels and cladding for the exterior of your property. We work with both commercial and residential properties, and our work can be found at:

  • Casinos
  • Libraries
  • Apartment Complexes
  • Hotels
  • Museums and More

Our designs are great for restoring historic buildings or creating new ones, and can be adapted to fit any type of architectural style using our CAD software and experienced engineers.

Contact GC Products Today for Custom GFRC Facade Panels

GC Products Inc combines outstanding customer support with an eye for detail to help ensure that you have the perfect GFRC cladding for your next architectural design. With our affordable costs, commitment to timeliness, and outstanding quality products, GC Products Inc is the top choice for your next exterior cladding project.

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    GFRC Cladding FAQ

    Q: Can GFRC be used for roofing?

    A: Yes, absolutely. GFRC is a popular choice for decorative roof overlays.

    Q: Can you help me with my GFRC cladding design?

    A: Yes. We have CAD designers on hand that are able to work with your specific vision and create the facades that you envision.

    Q: Can you match a previous design? We’re looking to replace our current facade panels with GFRC.

    A: Yes, we can. Please contact us with further details.

    Q: Can GFRC be painted?

    A: GFRC is perhaps one of the best materials for painting and finishing. It is capable of being painted, dyed, stained, etched, sand blasted, and much more. It’s also possible to add pigment to your GFRC so that it arrives ready to be placed on your exterior walls.

    Q: How thick does GFRC cladding have to be for it to last?

    A: The size varies. Most GFRC cladding is roughly ½ to 1 inch thick. But there are design elements that may play a role in thickness. We usually recommend at least a ½ inch thick material, but contact us if there are any concerns.

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