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GC Products Inc offers a variety of architectural solutions made that contractors and architects need, all using GFRG and GFRC – combined with our state of the art fabrication services. For over two decades, we have been industry leaders in creating interior and exterior architectural elements from GFRG and GFRC, two of today’s leading materials in architectural design.

GFRC and GFRG are the best products for uniting form and function. Highly durable, extremely lightweight, and with an affordable manufacturing process, these materials offer nearly endless customization options, making it possible to realize any design vision.

In addition to manufacturing architectural products from GFRG and GFRC, GC Products also specializes in design services, CNC router technology, and other services to assist with commercial and residential architectural projects. Get started with our services by calling us at (916) 645-3870 or filling out our contact form.

Our GRFG Products and GFRG Manufacturing

Glass fiber reinforced gypsum, or GFRG, uses recycled gypsum and reinforces it with fiberglass. This results in a surface that is both lightweight and strong, able to be fabricated into essentially any shape that can also be finished for a beautiful final design.

Our GFRG manufacturing process involves smooth pouring the gypsum and fiberglass mixture into pre-constructed molds. The mold can be any size or shape. It can also have a high level of intricate detail. With this process, we can make smaller GFRG details like sculptures or trimwork, or create sweeping walls and ceilings.

The entire pouring and curing process is done on site at our headquarters at GC Products before we ship the completed work to you. The lightweight design makes GFRG easy to install without extensive manpower or support, and the surface can be finished alongside the rest of your property.

GFRG is best used for interior architectural designs including, but not limited to:

  • GRFG Column Covers – We construct column covers from GFRG for installation around a structural column to provide a more attractive exterior look. From classic Greek and Roman columns to modern designs, column covers create a more visually appealing property.
  • GRFG Ceilings – Ceilings are one of our specialties at GC Products where we can create beautiful drop ceiling designs with curves, texture, and multiple levels to distinguish commercial properties.
  • GFRG Domes – Interior ceiling domes made of GFRG can be any shape and size to create a beautiful focal point in lobbies, auditoriums, and other key areas of property.
  • GFRG Panels – Wall panels from GC Products can customize the appearance of interior walls with lightweight, decorative options. We also make GFRG access panels for nearly invisible interior access panels.
  • GFRG Mouldings – A custom moulding between the wall and the ceiling or adorning walls elsewhere offers personalization. We can create replicas of historic crown molding or use GFRG to provide a completely new style.
  • GFRG Light Coves – With the possibility of smooth lines and easy drop ceilings, a GFRG light cove can achieve decorative and functional lighting sources with different lighting cove styles.
  • GFRG Vaults – GFRG vaults can create beautiful archway at your property. These are highly customizable and affordable, making it possible to create unique architectural elements.
  • GFRG Medallions – A GFRG medallion can provide a base for a chandelier or simply add artwork to a ceiling. GFRG medallions are lightweight and easy to install on any existing ceiling.

With all the flexibility of GFRG, these are only a few of the different products we can create. Our design services and advanced production methods mean we can render almost any interior element in GFRG.

You have the option to order a single product or we can collaborate with you on a complete interior design with the custom GFRG. Learn more about the possibilities with GFRG and their architectural elements in our portfolio, or contact us at 916.645.3870 to discuss the options.

Our GFRC Products and GFRC Manufacturing

GFRC is the leading material for exterior architectural elements and decorative features around your property. It combines highly durable concrete with glass fibers to significantly strengthen the concrete without excess weight. This product has greater impact resistance, tensile strength, and resistance to cracking or warping than standard cast concrete. It is also waterproof for dependable outdoor use and easy maintenance.

Our GFRC products use a similar production process to GFRG. We pour the cement and fiberglass mixture into prepared molds and let it cure. Unlike cast concrete and similar options, GFRG cures in a matter of days for fast turnaround on your project.

We then ship the cured products to your worksite, ready for installation. They are extremely lightweight, approximately ⅓ the weight of standard concrete for a straightforward and low-cost installation that you can complete with a minimal team.

All of the features of GFRC make it one of the most convenient and effective architectural materials on the market, and at GC Products, we are proud to create a range of elements from GFRC, including:

  • GFRC Column Covers – GFRC is a top choice for exterior column covers to hide a structural base with a custom design style.
  • GFRC Cladding – Cladding panels can transform existing exterior walls. During the molding process, we can create GFRC cladding that resembles materials like brick, wood, limestone, and others.
  • GFRC Domes – GFRC is the best material for an exterior dome because it is so lightweight, allowing you to install it at almost any property with only minimal structural support.
  • GFRC Panels – Panels made from GFRC can go over existing walls, providing more opportunities for customizing your walls and giving a building more customized styling.
  • GFRC Bollard Covers – GFRC bollard covers can cover traditional steel or cement bollards to help protect walkways. With GFRC, you can customize the shape of bollards for an attractive feature as well as a functional one.
  • GFRC Balustrades – Manufacturing baulstrades for stairs and railings from GFRC offers an opportunity to tailor the look of railings around your property to match other architectural elements.
  • GFRC Door Surrounds – Door surrounds welcome visitors to your property with unique style. GFRC makes it possible to incorporate a number of elements into a door surround such as transoms, columns, and other features.
  • GFRC Cornices – Cornices provide an attractive decorative element at your building’s roofline, and GFRC lets you customize a cornice with extensive detail and easy installation.
  • GFRC Cupolas – A GFRC cupola can top a dome, roof, or other element. With GFRC, the various design options make it possible to adapt a cupola to many architectural styles.
  • GFRC Window Surrounds – GFRC is a great material for window surrounds offering unmatched durability combined with uniform design.

If you are interested in using GFRC for any exterior architectural element at your property, we encourage you to contact our team to discuss what might be possible with GFRC.

GFRG Access Panels and GFRC Shower Niches 

GC Products also offers a range of GFRG access panels. These access panels fit almost seamlessly into walls and ceilings for a nearly invisible way to hide internal components in your property. The benefits of GFRG also mean they are extremely lightweight for easy installation, fire resistant, and long lasting.

We offer several standard sizes of access panels ranging from 12’x12’ to 24’x24’ for convenient ordering, but can design custom access panels for your property in any shape or size.

Our GFRC shower niches are another one of our most popular products. Ideal for residential and high-end commercial bathrooms, a shower niche is an easy and attractive way to add shelving to your bathroom. Our GFRC shower niches are waterproof and designed to last for years.

We offer standard shower niches in a range of sizes and layouts, including our single shower niche and double shower niche. Each can be easily installed by any contractor and you can finish it with tiling or another design to complement your bathroom.

Services at GC Products 

Using the latest design software and up to date production techniques, our customizable array of services enable us to assist you at any step of the design process. For GFRC and GFRG products, we have many options for standard designs available, or we can also create molds for a one of a kind architectural GFRC or GFRG element for your space.

Our engineers are knowledgeable in CAD software and other design software to create high quality custom molds to your specifications. Our team also has an in-house CNC router for mold making. The CNC router is also available for woodworking, plastic cutting, composite cutting, and other projects that need advanced solutions.

When you need architectural GFRG or GFRC, GC Products is the industry leader you can rely on to deliver beautiful architectural features at a competitive price. Learn more about our available products and get started on your own design with a free quote. Call us at 916.645.3870 or send us a message through the contact form to let us know what you are looking for.

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