GFRC Balustrades from GC Products, Inc.

Classic and Custom Balusters and Railings Fabricated with GFRC

A balustrade, or a railing, offers elegance when incorporated into a design and provides a safety barrier between levels, With its strength and options for design customization, no construction material meets these needs as well as GFRC. Short for Glass Fiber Reinforced Concrete, GFRC is a mix of fiberglass and concrete that can be finished to match the classic look of stone balustrades at a fraction of the cost.

The balustrade consists of the spindles, also called balusters, and the rails. At GC Products, Inc., we can render all of these elements from durable and affordable GFRC, matching your exact design in the process. For the best GFRC balustrades on the market, call us at 916.645.3870 to get started.

Why Choose GC Products, Inc. for GFRC Balustrades

GC Products, Inc. has been a leader in GFRC fabrication for the past decades and our work can be seen in properties across the country. We use practiced design and fabrication techniques that yield GFRC products of recognizable high quality and superior appearance.

GFRC is an ideal material for balustrades as it provides a strong enough surface for a safety railing while providing extensive options for appearance, from imitating classical Greek and Roman styles to the basis for sleek and modern architectural looks.

Balustrades are a common feature for staircases, terraces, balconies, and rooftops and appear both indoors and outdoors. Some of the properties where decorative balustrades are popular include:

  • Hotels and Resorts
  • Casinos
  • Municipal and Government Buildings
  • Malls and Shopping Centers
  • Theaters, and More

Our experience with GFRC extends to almost any architectural feature, so we can also combine your balustrade design with custom GFRC column covers, finials, and other stylistic elements.

Advantages of GFRC for Architectural Balustrades

A main benefit of GFRC is its moldability. We cast it directly into molds and allow it to cure. By creating separate molds, we can customize the spindles, top rail, and base rail or plinth. This makes it possible to 

  • Customizable Shape – Balustrades can be straight and level, angled, curved, or arched to conform to the location where you will install them. We can manufacture railings for straight, curved, and even spiral staircases.
  • Durable Material – GFRC is waterproof and has a high compressive and tensile strength. In high traffic areas, a GFRC balustrade will last for many years and cleaning to keep it looking its best is simple.
  • Easy Installation – Compared to concrete or stone, GFRC weighs approximately 30% less. This makes it possible to install each prefabricated spindle and rail without special equipment and extensive labor.
  • Finishing Options – You can finish GFRC balustrades on site to complement any design style. With the right painting and texturing, it can imitate granite, marble, limestone, and other stones, or have a painted finish in any color.
  • Effective Safety Feature – We can build balustrades that meet building codes for safe railing heights, and GFRC is strong enough to provide a necessary safety barrier.

We have a range of standard designs for GFRC railings and spindles we can put into production quickly. Our engineers can also create the custom molds from your design or a new design to meet your functional and appearance requirements. For any balustrade design, our experience with GFRC enables us to quickly produce stunning architectural elements that will stand out at your property.

Let us get started with your order today. Call GC Products at 916.645.3870 or send a message through our contact form with your project details. We’ll discuss available options, pricing, and how GFRC can meet the specific needs of your project.

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