GFRG Light Coves

Custom GFRG Light Coves with Exceptional Service 

Cove lighting is a method of illuminating a space through uplighting. By mounting lights on a cove a short distance from the ceiling and directing them upward, the light reflects off the ceiling and diffuses. This technique can highlight a ceiling dome or the artistic elements on a ceiling. It can also make a room feel larger, warmer, or more relaxing depending on the placement of the coves and the style of light used.

GC Products, Inc. makes custom light coves from Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum, also called GFRG. Long a preferred material of designers and contractors, GFRG is lightweight, inexpensive, and easily installed. But as light coves, GFRG truly stands out for its ability to be shaped into custom designs for unique lighting designs. For a quote on our GFRG light coves, call GC Products at 916-645-3870.

Why Order Custom GFRG Light Coves from GC Products

GC Products has been an industry leader in GFRG architectural elements for more than a decade with custom light coves in properties around the country. Light coves require precision to achieve the correct light diffusion as well as an attention to detail to create the clean lines for ceilings with recessed lighting. Our team is experienced in fabricating custom light coves from GFRC for properties such as:

  • Hotels
  • Casinos
  • Retail Stores and Malls
  • Offices
  • Luxury Apartments
  • Museums, and More

Cove lighting can benefit almost any property, however, and these are only a few of those we have fabricated GFRG products for. We work with properties of all sizes and can create GFRG lighting coves that span anywhere from a small entryway to a lobby measuring thousands of square feet. Each cove lighting piece is custom built at our facility to the specifications of your architectural designs, enabling extensive design possibilities.

GFRG Lighting Coves on Your Property

At its most basic, a light cove consists of the shelf where the lighting element is installed, and a cove face that prevents the light from shining directly out into the room. Dimensions are important for both of these pieces to allow for the even diffusion of light.

We can create GFRG light coves that are compatible with LEDs and fluorescent bulbs, including dimmable and colored lighting. Beyond this flexibility, GFRG is the best choice for cove lighting because it has:

  • Customizable Shapes – Light coves are made by adding the GFRG into custom molds. Unlike drywall, which requires straight lines, GFRG can form smooth curves. While many properties will use a rectangular shape for cove lighting, we can construct the molds in any shape, including more fluid designs.
  • Multiple Cove Styles – We can fabricate crown molding cove ceilings, recessed tray ceilings, I-beam shaped coves, or drop ceiling coves. Each of these provides a different look and 
  • Lightweight Material – GFRG is far lighter than plaster or drywall. This makes it possible to install GFRG light coves without an extensive support structure. It also makes them easier to handle during the installation process.
  • Finishing Options – GFRG comes in gypsum white that you can finish to match any surrounding surfaces. Paint and texturing can compliment the dramatic look of recessed lighting, as well as provide the ideal matte finish or gloss finish for the desired light reflection.
  • Long Lasting – GFRG is a durable material that requires almost no maintenance. It will not warp or crack over time, and you can clean it in the same way as other drywall surfaces. GFRG is also noncombustible.
  • Affordable Costs – The materials and manufacturing process involved in GFRG cove lighting makes this a more competitively priced product. Because it is delivered finished to the jobsite and is easily installed, you can save additional costs throughout the installation process as well.

At GC Products, our capabilities with GFRG architectural elements are not limited to lighting coves. We can create drop ceilings, domes, crown molding, and more to change the way light reflects on the ceiling of your space.

Cove lighting is an attractive and functional style for almost every architectural design, and GFRG is the optimal material for manufacturing custom coves. No other material provides the options and durability at a reasonable price. Start the process of creating GFRG light coves for your project with GC Products, Inc. today by calling us at 916.645.3870 or using our contact form to send us a request.

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