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GFRG Mouldings from GC Products Inc

Glass fiber reinforced gypsum, or GFRG for short, is becoming an increasingly popular material with its diverse architectural properties. Its projected market growth continues to improve due to its easy and lightweight installation, aesthetic appeal in commercial construction, and fire resistance. GC Products Inc. is an expert at creating custom GFRG designs, with products that include columns, domes, trims, and more.

GFRG is also the perfect material to use for custom mouldings, with the ability to create long lasting basic designs or ornate, unique creations. With our expertise at GC Products Inc., we can provide you with the custom GFRG mouldings you need with our talented GFRG product manufacturing team.

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Why Use GFRG for Mouldings?

GFRG is a versatile material, capable of pouring clean into custom molds and creating beautiful and consistent designs every time. Mouldings made from GFRG have many advantages over other types of materials, including – but not limited to:

  • Durability – GFRG mouldings are incredibly durable, as the fiberglass reinforcement makes it withstand damage better than many other materials currently on the market. Its strengths allows for intricate designs on your mouldings to withstand any cracks and other damages, and can make installation safer and less prone to mistakes
  • Customizable – Because of GFRG’s ability to pour clean into custom molds, GFRG mouldings can be intricately custom designed with minimal risk. At GC Products, Inc., we can customize your product to the shape, size, and design you envision. That means that your moulding will be exactly as you envisioned it, no matter how complex.
  • Lightweight – Although GFRG is one of the most durable products on the market, it is also light weight. The gypsum/fiberglass combination makes it far lighter than most other moulding materials, which helps reduce both labor and shipping costs.
  • Quick Installation – Our GFRG products are easy to install due to their lightweight material and the rapid production in our facilities. They can also be pre-fabricated, which makes them ready to be installed the moment you are.
  • Fireproof and Long Lasting – GFRG is fireproof, which makes it beneficial for mouldings. It is also long lasting, capable of withstanding the tests of time. For a custom moulding with unique shapes, its ability to avoid wear and tear is valuable.
  • Low Maintenance – The products we manufacture require minimal structural support, put minimal strain on the walls/foundation, and are easy to clean once painted.

Overall, GFRG mouldings have many advantages over competing products, and the best way to enjoy those advantages is to order your GFRG mouldings from GC Products.

Why You Should Choose GFRG Mouldings from GC Products Inc.?

Being one of the nation’s leading GFRG manufacturers for almost two decades now, we offer outstanding services that will provide both the quality and care you need. Our GFRG mouldings have been seen in many different architectural buildings and properties. These include:

  • Museums
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Galleries
  • Casinos and More

The variety that GFRG offers makes our products the right choice for your upcoming project. Our engineering team is available for custom designs, and our fabricators can ensure that it meets your exact specifications.

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    FAQ About GFRG Mouldings

    Q: How will my mouldings be able to achieve the detail and precision I want?

    A: We are able to achieve virtually any shape or design you envision because we’re able to create custom, detailed molds using our CAD software and CNC machine. Once the designs are completed, the material is melted and pours cleanly inside.

    Q: How much will GFRG mouldings cost me?

    A: Every project varies. There is no fixed cost per material, but we are happy to send you a quote and discuss the price further with you if you contact us at 916-645-3870 or fill out the form below.

    Q: Can you paint GFRG mouldings?

    A: GFRG mouldings are considered very easy to paint. Our products come with a matte white finish (a gympsum white color), but we can also talk to you about finishing options as needed.

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