Prefabricated Shower Niches from GC Products Inc and Ledge Products

A shower niche is the perfect combination of form and function. Also known as recessed shower shelves or bathroom niches, these GFRC fixtures provide storage in your shower or bathtub with a permanent, built in appearance.

At GC Products, we construct our shower niches from GFRC – a waterproof, long lasting, and highly customizable composite material. We have been working with GFRC for decades and have recently made our recessed shower niches available wholesale through our subsidiary Ledge Products.

GFRC shower niches are suitable for new construction or as an upgrade during a bathroom remodel. Wherever they are used, GFRC offers a base that can be tiled or finished with other decorative elements to match or complement the surrounding wall for a contemporary look.

Design Features of Our GFRC Shower Niches from Ledge Products

We make all of our Ledge shower niche products in our production facility before shipping them to property for on site installation and finishing. Although they are prefabricated, there are a variety of options even among our ready to order products to fit any shower. Ledge shower niches come in the most popular sizes to provide you with customization options for your bathroom. Other options and features include:

  • Single Shower Niches – A single niche gives you a single bathroom shelf in one of many sizes ranging from 14”x7” to 14”x22”.
  • Double Shower Niches – A double niche combines two single niches for two compartments. Because they are fabricated as a single piece, the additional storage options do not come at the cost of more difficult installation.
  • Tapered Edges – GFRC is naturally waterproof. We further ensure drainage with a slight taper to the edges and corners of each niche to avoid water buildup.

Our shower niches come ready to install with straightforward instructions, making it possible for them to be installed by any contractor. There is no need for special equipment or a specialist so that the installation and finishing process remains affordable and fast.

Custom Shower Niches Options

Our ready to order shower niches are a convenient and affordable way to transform any bathroom, and the range of sizes available means there are solutions for many bathroom remodels. You can order shower niches directly from us using our eCommerce platform at, where you can also view more info about our access panels – another popular Ledge product.

When your project needs something beyond the standard, we can fabricate custom GFRC shower niches with our state of the art design process. Any shape, size, or special feature is possible when you work with our team. Even with our custom made GFRC products, our production time is fast and our prices are competitive.

Contact us today at 916-645-3870 to learn more about our standard and custom shower niches, and place your order. You can also fill out our online form and we will be in touch with you shortly.

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