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Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum, often referred to as “GFRG” or GRG,” is quickly becoming the most popular material used in architectural design and construction. GC Products Inc is the North American leader in GFRG manufacturing, with the ability to create custom designs on time and under budget, all with our commitment to quality and customer service.

One product that is often requested is a GFRG dome. Used in many elegant and modern designs, GFRG ceiling domes have benefits that extend beyond appearance, perfect for both commercial and residential properties. For more information about our ceiling domes, call GC Products today at 916-645-3870, or fill out the form on the bottom of the page and our team will contact you soon.

Why GFRG Ceiling Domes?

Dome ceilings have long been a popular way to improve the look of a property. These ceiling domes may very from a few feet in diameter to several dozen, and come in many different styles including:

  • Smooth Domes
  • Geodesic Domes
  • Patterned Domes
  • Dome Light Coves, and Many More

These domes may also be equipped with lighting, skylights, and several other features to customize them based on the look you’re trying to achieve.

Benefits of adding a ceiling dome to your design include:

  • Increasing the Size of a Room – Adding a ceiling dome makes rooms seem more spacious. The larger domes in commercial properties can be used to create a “Grand” appearance, while smaller domes in residential properties can make it feel like a smaller home is larger.
  • Breaking Up The Ceiling – Many homes and commercial properties rely on a flat, blank ceiling, which can be dull to the eye. Dome ceilings help to break up this monotony, and add a level of artistic flair that makes each ceiling special.
  • Better Air Circulation – Ceiling domes tend to circulate air much better than traditional flat ceilings, which can lead to greater comfort and a reduced energy bill.
  • Affordable and Effective – Compared to other architectural products, ceiling domes can be a cost-efficient way to decorate a property. They require no maintenance, may never replacement, and cost less per square foot than other ceiling décor such as lighting.

Both custom and standard ceiling domes are a great way to improve the look of a property, and at GC Products, our GFRG ceiling domes are built to exceed industry standard, giving you a great design that is easy to install.

Why GFRG for Your Dome Ceiling Designs?

There are many materials that can be used to design ceiling domes, but GFRG is frequently cited as the best in the industry. That is because GFRG has many advantages that make it ideal for architectural construction. These include:

  • Durable – GFRG will never shrink, crack, or settle. It is capable of withstanding considerable force without issue, and does not weaken with age.
  • Lightweight – GFRG is a lightweight material. That makes it easier to install with less manpower than other ceiling domes, saving additional money and putting less stress on the foundation.
  • Fireproof – GFRG domes are fireproof, potentially preventing damage from heat or a fire.
  • Eco-Friendly – GFRG is made of recycled materials and is less harmful to the environment than alternative dome material.
  • Customizable and Uniform – GFRG molds can be customized into essentially any type of design and can be easily painted into any color. The material also pours clean into the mold, which means a smooth, flawless design every time.

GFRG continues to lead the way when it comes to ideal architectural product materials, and our domes at GC Products are the perfect example of how glassfiber reinforced gypsum can transform the look and functionality of a property.

Order a GFRG Ceiling Dome Today

Ceiling domes are one of the many GFRG products we create. Yet they remain one of the best uses of glass fiber reinforced gypsum on the market today, perfect for all different types of properties. At GC Products, we can create domes as little as a few inches to as large as several dozen feet in diameter, all custom to the needs and designs of the property. To get started, fill out the form below or give us a call today.

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    FAQ About GFRG Domes

    Q: Is it easy to add lighting to my GFRG dome?

    A: If you plan to use some type of lighting with your ceiling dome, it can be easily incorporated into the design by adding space for the lights to be added. Please let us know in advance of designing your dome. Remember that domes naturally increase light around the property, so a little lighting can go a long way.

    Q: I have a complex design in mind that is not just a smooth sphere. Can you still help?

    A: Absolutely. We’ll work together to engineer the design and prepare its mold for casting. GFRG is easy to work with, so as long as we are able to envision and create your dome design idea, we’ll be able to create a GFRG product that matches that vision.

    Q: I was looking to create an exterior dome not an interior dome. Does GFRG still work?

    A: GFRG is best used indoors, not outdoors, because while it is a durable material it is not designed to withstand large amounts of moisture and liquid. However, we do create GFRC domes, which are perfect for exterior architecture.

    Q: Do you offer any standard dome sizes?

    A: Traditionally, we only create custom molds. But if you believe that you might require a standard dome, or you’re open to different dome sizes and designs, please give us a call and we will see what we have available.

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