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GFRC Panels from GC Products Inc.

GFRC has quickly become the leading choice for exterior architectural designs. This material has advantages that are relevant for every type of design project. With its ability to withstand the elements, light weight, and outstanding customization capabilities, GFRC is by far one of the top design materials for many different types of projects.

GFRC panels are no different. GC Products Inc can create custom large GFRC facades and smaller panels for your commercial property, designed specifically for the look you’re trying to create. With our skilled engineers and advanced design team, you can feel confident knowing that your GFRC products are manufactured to the highest quality standard.

For more information about GC Products, our GFRC Panels, or any of our GFRG and GFRC capabilities, call us today at 916-645-3870 or fill out the form below to learn more.

Benefits of GFRC Panels from GC Products, Inc.

Glass fiber reinforced concrete, or GFRC, is one of the most versatile exterior facade materials on the market today. Customizable and affordable, GFRC paneling can be crafted with expert precision, installed with ease, and designed in any intricate design you may envision.

Our GFRC panels can be used indoors, and may be an excellent choice when you’re looking towards concrete rather than traditional interior products, like GFRG. But GFRC is especially useful for exterior panels, creating a facade that has several advantages over traditional concrete and other competing products. These include:

  • Design Consistency – GFRC pours perfectly into custom molds allowing for consistent wall panels each time. There is no need to worry about slight variations in your design, nor will there be any deformities or abnormalities that take away from the look of your project.
  • Durability – GFRC combines cement, Alkali resistant fiberglass, and other aggregate minerals to strengthen the material. That strength and durability makes it ideal for exterior – and some interior – use. It’s more resistant to blunt forth, withstands all different weather conditions, and is less likely to crack.
  • Waterproof and Fireproof – GFRC is both waterproof and fireproof, so it is an ideal choice for exterior settings. GFRC can withstand extreme temperatures and will not pose a risk to your infrastructure. In some ways it will even protect it.
  • Lightweight – For its size and strength, GFRC is incredibly lightweight. As a lightweight material, GFRC costs less to ship and requires less manpower to install. That combination means that you’re saving money and time with GFRC, all while putting less pressure on the foundation and requiring less reinforcement to keep the design in place.
  • Customizable – GFRC pours perfectly into CAD molds. We can create designs that are detailed and unique, and you can trust that GFRC will continue to be the perfect choice for crafting that design. GFRC can also have a paint-ready finish, so you can turn your product into any custom color.

GFRC’s durability means that it is also a long lasting architectural product, and because it can be pre-cast at GC Products, These are just a few of the reasons as to why people prioritize GFRC over other materials.

Why GC Products Inc. is the best choice for GFRC Panels

GC Products Inc has created GFRC panels – and many other GFRC products – for some of the largest and most iconic businesses across the county. As one of the leading GFRC and GFRG manufacturers for almost 20 years, we have gained the expertise and knowledge needed to create the highest quality custom GFRC products. Our products have been seen at:

  • Hotels
  • Museums
  • Government Buildings
  • Libraries
  • Offices, and more

We pride ourselves in fulfilling the requests of our clients and going above and beyond to provide them with the best service, lowest cost, and most reliable designs.

Contact GC Products Inc. Today

If you are in need of assistance for your next architectural project, contact GC Products Inc. to get more information about our GFRC options. Our in-house designers and engineers will make sure to meet your design requests and we can guarantee a product you’ll be satisfied with.

If you are in need of achieving a high standard exterior product, contact GC Products Inc. today. We are happy to further discuss the cost and address other concerns you have. Call us at 916-645-3870 or fill out the form below.

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    FAQ About GFRC Panels

    Q: Can GFRC be used indoors?

    A: Yes, and it is not at all uncommon. We also offer GFRG, which tends to be more popular for indoor designs, but those that prefer some of the specifications of concrete and those creating a space that needs to be water resistant may find that GFRC is a better choice.

    Q: How much support do GFRC panels require?

    A: Because GFRC is lightweight compared to competing materials, they require less support than other options. Concrete does have a few limitations that need to be accounted for, but in general you can expect that your panels will be easier to install and stay in place longer than other types of designs.

    Q: We need GFRC panels for a renovation project that still has panels intact. Can you help?

    A: Absolutely. Contact us today and we can discuss more specific details.

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