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Detailed Custom GFRG Ceiling Vaults

A vault is an arched ceiling. Historically, these arches were made from masonry or imitated in plaster. Today, GFRG is the material of choice for interior vaults. This customizable and easy to work with material achieves the same dramatic effect as brick, stone, or plaster, but with a far simpler and more affordable installation process.

GC Products, Inc. is a leading GFRG fabrication company with extensive options for GFRG vaults. We have more standard dome and vault molds, or we can completely customize ceiling vaults to meet your design specifications. Contact us today at 916-645-3870 to get started with a quote.

Why Choose GC Products for GFRG Vaults

GFRG, the shorthand for Glass Fiber Reinforced Gypsum, is a leading product for architectural elements. The combination of gypsum, glass fibers, and aggregates produces a material that has the strength of gypsum sheetrock and the moldability of plaster, all at a lower weight and cost.

GC Products, Inc. has fabricated custom GFRG products for more than 15 years. Our state of the art technology, trained team, and years of experience makes it possible to create GFRG vaults ranging from simple to complex, all customized to your design needs.

We can use GFRG to make vaults in any of the dozens of architectural styles. Domes are one of the most popular vault styles, and the GFRG is ideal for the smoothly curving surfaces. But we can also make more detailed vault styles, including:

  • Barrel GFRG Vault – Also known as a tunnel vault, this is the most basic of vault styles. It consists of a single arch that resembles a tunnel.
  • Groin GFRG Vault – A groin vault combines two identical barrel vaults. The right angle created at the meeting point of the two vaults is called a “groin.” Cross vaults are another name for this style.
  • Cloister GFRG Vault – With a cloister vault, the base is often square and each side arches to a single point at the top of the dome.
  • Rib GFRG Vault – Characteristic of Gothic architecture, rib vaults are also made of connected barrel vaults. Instead of exposed groins, they have more pointed arches.

At GC Products, we fabricate custom vaults for properties of every style and size. Our past projects have included hotels and ballrooms, theaters, casinos, retailers, corporate offices, and private homes.  We can also create other ceiling elements as well, combining GFRG domes and vaults, GFRG light coves, and other architectural designs for a centerpiece custom ceiling. 

Benefits of GFRG for Vaulted Ceilings

GFRG is replacing earlier materials like plaster. For vault fabrication, architects, contractors, and property owners are choosing this superior material to create vaults and arches because it is:

  • Highly Customizable – We can create GFRG molds for nearly any shape. This makes it possible to imitate historic vaults and styles or adapt vault styles for modern designs. We can adjust the curvature of an arch to specific measurements and design around an existing building’s dimensions. 
  • Extensive Finishes – GFRG vaults are finished on site. The surface is gypsum white in color and can be primed and painted or textured. Many designers paint the vaults to imitate limestone, sandstone, copper, or gold plating. Mural decorations are another possibility.
  • Easy to Install – GFRG is lightweight and does not require extensive reinforcement to support a vault or dome. Most often, contractors can fasten the vaults directly to a ceiling or suspend them with wires, making the process faster and less expensive.
  • More Durable – Unlike plaster, GFRG is crack resistant and will last for decades with minimal maintenance. As long as the GFRG is not exposed to water, it retains its appearance for far longer than other materials.
  • Lower Cost – We complete GFRG pieces at our facility and ship them to you. This is different from plaster features which must be built entirely on site. GFRG is faster and more affordable to complete, and the lighter weight even saves on shipping costs.

Our team at GC Products can work with the design you have in mind. We are also happy to discuss specifics with you to determine how GFRG vaults can best fit into your ceiling design. Use the contact form below or call us at 916-645-3870 to start the conversation or begin your order.

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