The Importance of Access Panels and Accessibility in Commercial Facilities

The Importance of Access Panels and Accessibility in Commercial Facilities

The Importance of Access Panels and Accessibility in Commercial Facilities 150 150 gcproductsinc

The average commercial property today, whether it is an office, retail space, hospitality property, museum, or something else, has dozens of systems that function behind the scenes including wiring and electrical, plumbing, telecommunications, lighting, and HVAC. Most days, these systems should remain out of sight for safety purposes and to prevent any accidental damage.

But when something goes wrong with one of these systems, fast accessibility is important. 

How GFRG Access Panels Provide Valuable Accessibility 

Every system will require maintenance at some point. From cleaning ductwork to replacing an aging pipe to upgrading wireless equipment, you will eventually need to access every system on your property. You will also need access to the systems in the event of an emergency or a problem. For instance, a property may:

  • Have a sudden leak and need to shut off a pipe.
  • Have an outlet that stops working and the electrician needs to figure out why.
  • Have a fire start and need to quickly shut off electricity.
  • Have an HVAC system that malfunctions and needs service.

Without an access panel, getting to these areas can require cutting a hole in the wall which is not only

more time consuming if you need to reach an area quickly, but also requires repairs after the fix. With an access panel, you can simply remove the panel, troubleshoot the issue, complete the repair, and return the panel to its place.

When installing access panels, it is also important to consider the level of accessibility needed. There is a difference between “accessible” and “readily accessible” as per the National Electric Code. Some access panels, such as electrical ones, will need to be readily accessible so that you can get into them within minutes without the use of complex tools. 

Other areas may simply need to be accessible so that a contractor can get to them with an access panel. In these cases, security will offer benefits and the use of locks and tools can keep out anyone not authorized to access the area and components behind the access panel.

When you want to prioritize accessibility at your commercial property without sacrificing appearance, GFRG access panels are the leading solution. You can install these lightweight panels almost anywhere. With fire and heat resistance, they meet the safety requirements for many different components. They also weigh no more than a few pounds to provide easy access when you need it. You can customize them with a lock and key to restrict access.

At GC Products, we provide ready-made GFRG access panels in several standard sizes that can help you increase access to behind the scenes components on your property while still maintaining a professional appearance for customers and visitors. Order the right access panels for your property through GC Products today.

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