Why Use GFRG Access Panels in a Hotel or Casino

Why Use GFRG Access Panels in a Hotel or Casino

Why Use GFRG Access Panels in a Hotel or Casino 150 150 gcproductsinc

The spaces in walls and above ceilings in your hotel have a variety of systems that you do not want on display to guests, but that you still need easy access to. Electrical wiring, plumbing, and HVAC equipment are present throughout your property and yet covering this equipment and infrastructure with a standard metal access panel is almost as unsightly as having the equipment exposed.

This is where a GFRG access panel can help. Offering all the same functional benefits as metal access panels, GFRG has a clean look that will be nearly invisible in your hotel or casino.

Why Hotels and Hospitality Facilities Choose GFRG Access Doors

The average hotel, resort, or casino will have dozens of places where you need quick access to components behind the walls, whether that is plumbing in guestrooms, lighting in your ballroom, or wires for security cameras in your lobby. 

GFRG access panels use glass fiber reinforced gypsum. The fiberglass reinforcement in these panels makes them both lightweight and incredibly strong, Since the panels are gypsum, they also have the same exterior appearance as drywall and can be finished in the same way with paint or wallpaper.

GFRG access panels mount to the ceiling or wall with a narrow flange on the interior side, enabling them to sit completely flush with the ceiling. The result is a panel that flows seamlessly with your interior design rather than interrupting it as a metal or wood access panel would do.

Beyond the attractive design, there are also several additional benefits that make GFRG access panels the best option for hotel properties, such as:

  • Sizing Variety – Commercial GFRG access panels come in a range of standard sizes and the material is also highly customizable, making it possible to find a GFRG access panel that fits every possible application at a hotel.
  • Affordable Product and Installation – Each panel is affordable and because the installation process does not require building additional supports or additional manpower, you will save money throughout the process. This is ideal if you need several panels.
  • Retrofit or New Construction – A contractor can add GFRG access panels to existing spaces for an upgrade during a renovation. The panel can also be incorporated during the initial construction.
  • Safety – GFRG meets the ASTM E84 standard for limiting the spread of flames and stopping smoke for a construction material that easily meets building codes at a casino or hotel.

GFRG access panels are the best way to maintain a luxurious and high end property, and GC Products makes it easy to order affordable GFRG access panels. The range of standard sizes will have available measure from 9”x9” to 24”x24”.

We also have the capabilities to manufacture custom sizes, shapes, and features to meet any special requirements at your hospitality property. Start your order for GFRG access panels with us today.

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