Choosing the Right Style GFRG Medallion for Your Ceiling

Choosing the Right Style GFRG Medallion for Your Ceiling

Choosing the Right Style GFRG Medallion for Your Ceiling 150 150 gcproductsinc

Medallions first came into use in Victorian times when ornate architectural decoration was the fashion. Ceiling medallions offer decoration to an otherwise plain ceiling. In historic homes and commercial properties, medallions compliment the highly decorative styles in crown molding and other trims, but many designers find ceiling medallions work well with more contemporary architectural styles as well.

With GFRG medallions in particular, the range of design options makes it possible to create a ceiling medallion that is right for any property.

Design Choices for Ceiling Medallions

Ceiling medallions are generally the anchor point for a chandelier, although they can be used to surround other sorts of light fixtures, such as recessed lighting or a ceiling fan. On occasion, properties will use them solely as a decorative element with no lighting fixture in place.

However you use it, the medallion will provide classic style and help break up an area of flat ceiling. You will want to choose a medallion design that fits in with your space by paying particular attention to these factors:

  • Size – There are a few different methods for determining how big your medallion should be. You can measure the square footage of the space and divide it by 7 to give you the ideal medallion diameter. The other option is to measure the widest part of your light fixture and choose a medallion that is the same diameter. For large spaces such as lobbies, sales or casino floors, ballrooms, and others, or rooms with high ceilings, you may also want to add on a few inches to this measurement or consider installing multiple medallions.
  • Design – Historic ceiling medallions were generally very ornate, which is why some designers today do not think they fit well with the smooth lines of contemporary spaces. But with GFRG, you can create a ceiling medallion that matches either design architectural style. Simple and sleek designs are still valuable to break up the ceiling, while  more detailed options will match ornate light fixtures, moldings, and other parts of the architectural design. Whatever design you choose, also be sure it fits with any existing moulding and details on the light fixture.
  • Finishing – GFRG is ready to be painted after you have installed it. The traditional method for finishing ceiling medallions was to paint them in white to match the color of the surrounding ceiling. More contemporary designs include painting them in contrasting colors, matching the medallion to accent colors on the light or in other trim, or using a faux finish to make them a true focal point.

One of the other benefits of using GFRG for medallions is that you can easily match the ceiling medallion design with other elements throughout the property. 

GFRG is the leading choice for recreations of historic medallions. We can create a mold that perfectly matches the existing design to recreate a medallion in long lasting GFRG during historic property renovation, improving upon your original plaster ceiling medallions while keeping the same look.

At GC Products, we can work with you to create a custom design that we can use across GFRG medallions, GFRG mouldings, GFRG cornices, and more. We make each product in a mold to guarantee designs that are perfectly identical wherever they appear on your property. Contact GC Products to start designing the right GFRG ceiling medallion for your property.

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