Design Options with GFRG Panels

Design Options with GFRG Panels

Design Options with GFRG Panels 150 150 gcproductsinc

An interior wall at your hotel, shopping center, office space, or any other property has the main functional purpose of dividing space. GFRG panels improve upon the functional aspect of walls by making it possible to also incorporate custom design elements into your walls, giving each vertical surface aesthetic possibilities and helping you create a more cohesive space design for your property.

GFRG is the leading material for wall panels because it is extremely customizable. It makes it possible to render any shape or texture. With so many possibilities for GFRG panels, these are some of the most popular customization options.

Ideas for Customizing GFRG Wall Panels 

Each GFRG panel is lightweight but durable. You can install them during a new construction or full interior remodel of a building. You can also place them over existing walls for an affordable renovation to your space.

Some of the most popular design styles for GFRG panels are:

  • Curvature – From subtle to dramatic curves, GFRG is moldable into any shape. Curves can turn your walls into art, provide acoustic benefits, and guide visitors through your space with more engaging style than flat walls.
  • Acoustics – Acoustic GFRG panels use patterns of holes and textures to help dampen or project sounds, all with a beautiful design. They are increasingly popular in theaters and concert halls, but can be useful in any space where you have many visitors.
  • Texture – Textual options for GFRG are nearly endless. Each panel can look like a specific material, such as wood, brick, or limestone. You can also choose from more artistic textures like wave designs, flowing lines, geometric patterns, and ridges.
  • Panel Moulding – Panel mouldings create frame like shapes on walls, often with a historic style. The mouldings are incorporated into the GFRG panel itself for easy installation of the customized molds.
  • Bas Relief – Bas relief sculptures offer 3D designs on your walls. At GC Products, we digitize the designs for sculptures on the GFRG panels to create highly detailed molds. This also means that every GFRG bas relief panel comes out perfectly.

With the flexibility of GFRG, these are only a few of the options you can use when creating custom GFRG walls. If you have other ideas or want to talk about the possibilities for GFRG panels in your space, contact GC Products to learn more about our GFRC panel customizations.

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