Surface Mount Ceiling Domes versus Recessed Ceiling Domes: Which GFRG Dome is Right for Your Property?

Surface Mount Ceiling Domes versus Recessed Ceiling Domes: Which GFRG Dome is Right for Your Property?

Surface Mount Ceiling Domes versus Recessed Ceiling Domes: Which GFRG Dome is Right for Your Property? 150 150 gcproductsinc

Interior domes create an aesthetic centerpiece in the interior of commercial properties. You can create your ceiling dome in conjunction with an exterior dome, or as a purely interior feature. In both cases, ceiling domes are beautiful, offer height to expand the room, and can provide acoustic benefits.

There are two dome styles you can choose from for ceiling domes: the surface mount dome and the recessed dome. Both are possible with GFRG and offer unlimited options for shape, size, and decoration. Both can also be installed in existing properties during a refurbishment or added into new construction. The two different styles of ceiling domes will have a slightly different appearance and different possibilities for where they can be installed, and understanding the differences between the two GFRG dome styles can help you choose the right one for your architectural design.

Recessed GFRG Domes 

This is the dome style that comes to mind for many people when considering domes. As the name implies, the dome is recessed into the ceiling making the edge of the dome flush with the ceiling. 

In many cases, this dome will recede into the attic space or be the inside layer of an existing exterior dome. But it is not a requirement to go into attic space if there is not room. There is also the potential to create a GFRG drop ceiling that will surround the dome if you have high ceilings.

Surface Mount Ceiling Domes 

A GFRG surface mount ceiling dome mounts onto an existing ceiling, resulting in the entire dome resting

beneath the ceiling level. This can have a similar look to a GFC ceiling medallion by providing an ornamental feature on the flat ceiling, but the dome will generally be larger and have a more pronounced curvature.

There is more flexibility in where you install a surface mounted ceiling dome since you do not need to have attic clearance, making this the best choice for lower levels on a property.

Design Options for GFRG Ceiling Domes 

The final style for a GFRG dome is to combine recessed domes and surface mount dome types. With the style, the top part of the dome’s arch rises above ceiling level and the bottom part of the dome drops below the ceiling. The style is the most unique of the decorative domes, and also offers a good alternative if you want a recessed dome but do not have enough attic clearance.

For the recessed ceiling dome, surface mounted ceiling dome, and combined style, using GFRG to create the dome gives you additional options, such as:

  • Shape – Starting from customized molds GFRG ceiling domes can be circular, oval, or rectangular vaults with a square base and an arched peak.
  • Size – You can use a large ceiling dome to be the centerpiece of your property or a smaller dome to add elegance and classic style in a more limited space.
  • Finishing and Decoration – During the production process, it is possible to incorporate mouliding, texturing, bas relief, and other design elements into the dome, and paint the finished in the desired style.

Whether you are seeking an interior dome for as a showcase element in your hotel, theater, or casino floor, or you want a simple dome to add visual style to a space, both a surface mounted dome and a recessed dome can achieve the unique results you are looking for. With lightweight GFRG, domes are also extremely easy to install wherever you need them.

GC Products offers GFRG ceiling domes designed to your exact specifications to create the perfect architectural element for your property. Send us a message today to get the design process started.

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