GFRC Entryways from GC Products, Inc

GFRC Entryways from GC Products, Inc

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Stunning Architectural Entryways from a Full Service GFRC Company

For modern construction, GFRC is the material more and more designers and contractors are coming to rely on. It is easily customized into endless shapes and appearance, durable, lightweight, and more affordable than other construction materials. Standing for glass fiber reinforced concrete, GFRC augments the properties of precast concrete with fiberglass for improved strength and inexpensive installation.

GC Products, Inc. has been producing custom architectural elements from GFRC and the indoor equivalent GFRG for decades. We fabricate custom and more standardized entryways by combining several of the different products we offer to create entryways that are grand, functional, or meet any other design need you may have. Find out more by calling us at 916.645.3870.

Why Choose GC Products for Custom or Standard Entryways

There are several producers of standard or custom GFRC elements in the industry, but none offer the exceptional quality and service you will find at GC Products, Inc. We are a full service company with designers and engineers on staff to help you realize your ideas in workable designs.

Over our years in business, we have fabricated GFRC products for properties of every type and size. We use technology and our own expertise to make every element we make the highest possible quality.

We can use GFRC to produce sweeping shapes, intricate details, and a range of other features for your entryway such as:

  • Bas Relief
  • Mouldings
  • Door Surrounds
  • Keystones
  • Lintels
  • Columns, Plinths, and More

You can combine any of these elements to create a one-of-a-kind entryway that welcomes visitors to your property. With our experience designing for hotels, resorts, casinos, colleges and universities, government buildings, churches, and residential properties, we can also guide you with standard designs that fit well with your property type.

Advantages of GFRC in Architectural Design for Entryways

The process of fabricating architectural elements from GFRC begins with a design. We can start from the designs you bring us, or our knowledgeable designers can create the drawings for you. We then use digital processes and state of the art equipment to convert CAD drawings into 3D molds in the shape of each individual part of the entryway.

We add the GFRC mixture and any aggregates to the mold before allowing the product time to cure. Unlike traditional concrete that can require up to a week to cure, GFRC dries within days and is then ready for shipping to your site, installation, and finishing.

This production process enables us to make entire entryways from GFRC with benefits like:

  • Replicable Elements – Many entryways rely on symmetry to create attractive designs. Because each GFRC product is made in a mold, we can produce identical columns, railings, finials, and other duplicate elements easily.
  • Rapid Production Time – GFRC cuts down on manufacturing time, enabling you to keep your project on time and budget as we can finish even the most complex designs in a matter of days. There are no extensive wait times for concrete to cure, an artist to carve stone, or masons to lay bricks.
  • Long Lasting Outdoor Material – GFRC is fully waterproof, and resists degradation from UV rays and other weather. It is also unlikely to crack, warp, crumble, or otherwise deteriorate. Cleaning GFRC is as simple as soft washing when necessary.
  • Inexpensive Installation – We ship the various pieces of your entryway directly to your construction site ready for installation. They are lightweight, so additional supports and labor are often not required, cutting down on costs.
  • Eco-Friendly Materials – At GC Products, our GFRC mixture is made from a majority of recycled materials and a longer lifespan also reduces the environmental impact of your construction.

Whether you are in the design or construction process for a new property or looking to remodel an existing one, incorporating a GFRC entryway into your design is a great way to save on costs while still achieving any type of design style.

Reach out to our team to start discussing your options, learn more about our full range of design and fabrication services, and get a price quote for the entryway you envision for your property. You can call us at 916.645.3870 or submit an estimate request through our contact form.

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