Top Applications for GFRC

Top Applications for GFRC

Top Applications for GFRC 150 150 gcproductsinc

GFRC offers many benefits over precast concrete and cast stone still being waterproof, durable, and moldable into a wide range of shapes. GFRC is capable of replacing precast stone in almost any instance, yet there are certain situations where GFRC is the premier architectural material to use for certain elements or in certain situations.

Best Opportunities for Using GFRC Architectural Elements on a Build Project

GFRC is highly suitable for different architectural needs such as column covers, wall panels, cladding, domes, arches, trims, and other decorative elements around the exterior of your property. When you have these elements in any of the following situations, opting for GFRC will almost always be the best choice:

  • Insufficient Structural Support – If an existing structure cannot support other stone materials, GFRC is likely a good solution. At two thirds of the weight or less than precast and a strong interior support structure, GFRC is ideal for elements that are elevated or where structural support is weaker.
  • Pieces are Larger – Larger items do not experience a significant increase in manufacturing costs when compared to other precast materials since the manufacturing process remains similar and the light weight keeps shipping and installation costs low. This makes it possible to construct larger elements affordably. 
  • Designs are Complex – If your elements will contain intricate designs, different layers of detail, or need to be extremely precise, GFRC easily meets these requirements through software assisted design and mold making, again without any significant increase in cost or time.
  • Budget is Limited – Because GFRC is so affordable and easy to install by a standard team makes it possible for construction work to be completed on time and within budget, even when those factors are limited.
  • Spaces Bridge Indoors and Outdoor Settings – For breezeways, patios, and other locations that are largely sheltered but still may experience moisture, GFRC is a reliable solution because it is waterproof but has a range of finishing options that can match indoor settings.
  • Renovations – Because renovations are often focused on exterior changes to the existing structure, GFRC is the dependable option. Most elements can be added directly to already existing facades without extensive changes. This is also ideal for historical restoration projects in which GFRC can be made to easily imitate historical structures and materials. 
  • Where Equipment is Limited – If you are limited in construction equipment and space constraints at your build site, such as cranes and other heavy duty equipment, GFRC removes the need for that equipment. Almost any piece can be installed with fewer men and lighter weight lifting equipment. 

There are a wide range of other reasons to choose GFRC for a building project and our team at GC Products can help you determine where GFRC will fit best on your property while providing custom architectural solutions that are long-lasting and affordable. Send us a message about your product to get a quote on your project to get started.

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