Benefit of Offsite Construction with GFRC and GFRG Architectural Elements

Benefit of Offsite Construction with GFRC and GFRG Architectural Elements

Benefit of Offsite Construction with GFRC and GFRG Architectural Elements 150 150 gcproductsinc

When you use GFRC or GFRG architectural elements in construction, most of the construction work can happen off site, allowing on site work to focus largely on putting elements into place and handling various finishing touches. This has a range of different benefits in construction and can be extremely advantageous in commercial properties.

Advantages of Pre Engineered Architectural Elements 

GFRC and GFRG products are molded and cured off site. Generally, they are constructed in pieces that are as large as possible while still being convenient and affordable to ship. Once they are ready, they are delivered directly to a construction site for installation and finishing, both of which are relatively straightforward with these materials.

GFRC and GFRG are ideal materials for a number of building elements – domes, moldings, wall panels and facades, arches, and lighting coves – all with the following advantages:

  • Affordable – When your decorative and functional elements only need to be installed on site, you can save on contractor time. The manufacturer also creates them in molds for an efficient production process.
  • Faster – Because construction takes place off site and GFRG is extremely fast to engineer with a rapid curing time. This means products will be ready in a few days. You can also reduce time on the construction site to stay within deadlines. 
  • Identical Elements – Many architectural elements like columns, trims, and wall panels look best when they are identical. Because each item uses the same mold, they will all look exactly the same.
  • Range of Design Options – Being pre-engineered does not mean you lose any of the design options available as every piece can be completely custom made to your standards and design needs.

At GC Products, we can custom make an extensive range of architectural elements from GFRC or GFRG. For each commercial property, we make each of our products at a high standard while still providing affordable pricing. Contact us today to learn more about all the different products we can make and discuss your project needs with our team.

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