Bathroom Renovation Checklist

Bathroom Renovation Checklist

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Redoing your bathroom is a great way to update the space to give you a more functional bathroom that better matches your tastes and needs. Depending on how much of a renovation you are doing, you have a lot of decisions to make about what your new bathroom will look like and which options you will have. Planning for these ahead of time is a great way to make sure you get everything that you want for your new bathroom.

Decision Checklist for a Bathroom Renovation 

When you plan a new bathroom, you will get to choose all of the following features that will give you a bathroom that you enjoy using and that adds value to your property:

  • Layout – The layout is one of the first decisions you will make in your renovation This can be based on the existing plumbing setup or you can completely redo your bathrooms by running new pipes. You can also consider at this stage if you will have a stand alone shower or shower and bathtub combo.
  • Flooring – Tile is usually the top choice for bathroom flooring since it is waterproof. You should consider what style of tile you want and what coloring. If you want to use an alternative flooring, you will decide at this point too.
  • Plumbing – Work with the contractor on what pipe layout will be required for your new bathroom. This is also a good time to consider if you will need any access panels or similar solutions to provide easy access to piping and fixtures, and whether you will be using GFRC access panels or another solution.
  • Lighting – The right lights will brighten up your bathroom as well as make it safe to move around. Consider overhead lighting, shower lighting, and vanity lighting.
  • Additional Features – Extra features like a shower niche can customize your bathroom and provide additional functionality. A GFRG shower niche is an affordable, waterproof option that also offers easy installation.
  • Walls – You will want to decide how to finish your walls, whether you want to continue tile up walls, particularly in the shower, or have painted drywall.

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