Why Consider Prefab Architectural Elements for Your Build

Why Consider Prefab Architectural Elements for Your Build

Why Consider Prefab Architectural Elements for Your Build 150 150 gcproductsinc

With new technology, many of the decorative and functional elements you have on both the interior and exterior of your property can now be made off site and shipped to you, ready for installation and finishing. GFRC and GFRG are two of the leading materials for these prefab elements and ideal for the fabrication of columns, trims, wall panels, moldings, and almost any other feature on a commercial property.

Prefab GFRC and GFRG architectural elements are almost always comparable or superior in quality to those made on site. They are also still available in a wide selection of designs and styles to match the architectural style of your building. In addition, these reinforced elements offer several more advantages for contractors or designers.

Benefits of GFRC and GFRG During Construction  as Prefabricated Architectural Elements

GFRC and GFRG are cast in molds at a production facility. From there, they are shipped to your site in single pieces – or, for larger elements, multiple pieces – ready for immediate installation and finishing.

The installation process is straightforward as GFRC and GFRG are lightweight and do not require a unique skill set to install. When you are considering timelines, budget, and convenience for a construction project without wanting to sacrifice quality or aesthetics, prefabricated GFRC provides all the following benefits:

  • Early Cost Certainty – After the design process is finalized for any GFRC elements, you can have an upfront estimate for project expenses in regards to materials, labor, and shipping, making the overall budgeting for the project easier.
  • Shorter Timelines – Because prefabrication can happen simultaneously as on site construction work, you can condense the time it takes to complete a construction project. Having more work completed off site also means that you will have less work that is interrupted by weather or other on site challenges, increasing the chances that you will complete your job on time.
  • Solutions for Labor Shortages – GFRC and GFRG need only a small team for installation because they are lightweight. They also do not need specialized craftsmen. This makes it possible to stay on time and complete projects despite any labor shortage issues.
  • Lower Labor Costs – Less time at the build site and less need for skilled workers and machine operators will limit your labor costs during installation.
  • Lower On Site Impact – By handling more of your work off site and reducing the number of people and amount of equipment on your job site, you will naturally increase safety and efficiency. You can also reduce interruption to surrounding neighborhoods.

GC Products is a North American leader in glass fiber manufacturing. The GFRC and GFRG products we make are custom elements, prefabricated entirely in our warehouse for fast, affordable, and long lasting architectural pieces. Get a free quote on elements for your next build by contacting our team.

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