Plumbing Access Panels: Placements for Custom GFRG Access Panels

Plumbing Access Panels: Placements for Custom GFRG Access Panels

Plumbing Access Panels: Placements for Custom GFRG Access Panels 150 150 gcproductsinc

Access panels can be used in any room, to gain access to essentially any part of your property. Access panels can be especially useful for plumbers and plumbing systems. There are often places all around a property where a plumber might need access right away, and you want to avoid any costly demolition or property damage just to give that plumber access.

What Sections of Plumbing is Access Needed?

Access panels can be used on essentially any part of the property, if you feel like there is a section of your pipe line that is most likely to require some type of access. Most of the time, these access panels are located in areas that are most likely to have issues or require emergency access. For example:

  • Water Shut Off Valves
  • Water Pumps
  • Pipe Couplings
  • Pipes Near Water Heaters
  • Recently Repaired Pipes
  • Around Cleanouts

Typically, the plumbing access panel is placed during the initial construction of the building in places that are need to be accessible for a plumber in the future. But sometimes, an access panel is placed after a repair, where there has been demolition around a pipe and the plumber is concerned about the repair and wants to make sure they can access it in the future without demolishing new drywall.

Another use of this type of panel is to allow access from behind for plumbing features that would not otherwise be accessible. For example, if kitchen has a pot filler installed through a tile backsplash, accessing the pipe could damage the costly backsplash, and so an access panel may be placed on the opposite side of the wall so that the pipes can still be reached.

About Our GFRG Access Panels

GC Products has crafted Access Panels with GFRG that blend into the drywall for a crisp and clean appearance. These access panels come in many different standard shapes, and we have the ability to create custom access panels at scale as needed. Contact GC Products today for more information about our access panels, or to start an order.

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