Residential and Commercial Access Panels from GC Products 

Residential and Commercial Access Panels from GC Products 

Residential and Commercial Access Panels from GC Products  150 150 gcproductsinc

Access panels are a standard component in almost every commercial space for securing building components and keeping them out of view. There are many material options available for access panel construction, but the leading option is glass fiber reinforced gypsum. 

This material, often called GFRG or GRG for short, contains a mixture of gypsum strengthened with evenly distributed glass fibers. The glass fibers reduced the weight of the material in comparison with plain gypsum and provide additional strength, as well as a range of other benefits that make this the best option for access panels.

GC Products produces in line of access panels available in several standard sizes, all ready to order and at competitive prices. These can give you an affordable and convenient way to incorporate access panels at your property.

Where to Use GFRG Access Panels

GFRG is a suitable material for almost any interior access panel. The versatility and convenience of GFRG mean that it will work well for both commercial and residential uses. GFRG panels are a reliable solution when you need to conceal electrical wiring, plumbing, HVAC equipment, communications wiring, attic and crawlspace entries, and more.

One of the main benefits of using GFRG access panels is that even when installed in the open, these panels are nearly invisible. This is because GFRG has the same texture as drywall and can be finished in the same way as the surrounding wall or ceiling. At GFRC access panel also has no exterior flange. Instead, it sits directly in the surrounding frame with only a small, nearly invisible gap between the access panel and ceiling.

Other benefits of GFRC access panels include that they are extremely easy to install and the process can be completed by almost any contractor. They need no additional support because the material is so lightweight, meaning you can typically fix the access panel to existing studs. These benefits make GFRC access panels highly cost effective.

Our panels GC Products are also extremely affordable, enabling you to get the best solutions for your property within your budget.

Custom Access Panels from GC Products

We make our access panels in a range of sizes to fit most applications with options ranging from 9”x9” to 24”x24” and several sizes in between. But as a leading GFRG company, we can also manufacture custom shapes and sizes for access panels when necessary.

Order Your GFRG Access Panel Today

Our GFRG access panels are a leading option for every access panel at your property. Place an order with our team to get the access panels you need quickly. Call GCC Products or send a message through the online contact form to begin your order.

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