Using GFRC in Interior Applications

Using GFRC in Interior Applications

Using GFRC in Interior Applications 150 150 gcproductsinc

In general, glass fiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) is the recommended material for exterior applications because it is waterproof and weather proof. Meanwhile, most contractors will use glass fiber reinforced gypsum (GFRG) inside. With its drywall like texture, it matches traditional interior elements and is not waterproof.

But GFRC can also be readily used for indoor architectural elements. With an appearance like concrete, it offers several advantages as a decorative feature. They work particularly well in modern architectural styles, yet can also be adapted to other styles as well.

Benefits of GFRC for Indoor Elements

GFRC has a similar mixture to standard concrete, including cement, water, and aggregate. GFRC also adds glass fiber. The glass fiber provides support while the other elements provide a hard, strong surface with the same appearance as concrete. Once cured and finished, GFRC can be almost indistinguishable visually from traditional precast concrete.

At most property types, waterproof capabilities are not necessary indoors. Where they are, GFRC is the material of choice. Other reasons that it can be beneficial to make decorative elements like column covers, balustrades, benches, and more from concrete include:

  • Modern Appearance – Concrete generally has an industrial and modern look, but it can also be well adapted to earthy and rustic styles. 
  • Durable – The glass fibers in GFRC make the material extremely lightweight yet it remains durable. GFRC is resistant to movement, does not shrink, is flame resistant, and resists cracks and chipping for long term use on your property.
  • Customizable Shapes – GFRC is cast in molds. Molds can be an almost endless variety of shapes and sizes. This makes it possible to make many elements out of GFRC and customize each element to match your property style.
  • Eco-Friendly – GFRC is environmentally friendly. It uses recycled materials in the fabrication process and contains no harmful chemicals that could be a health risk when used inside.

For commercial properties looking for attractive and affordable decorative elements made from GFRC, GC Products fabricates custom GFRC elements. We can assist you with designing both interior and exterior GFRC products and manufacture them using our high quality materials and process. Contact us to get a quote on GFRC elements for your project.

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