How to Hide an Access Panel

How to Hide an Access Panel

How to Hide an Access Panel 150 150 gcproductsinc

Access panels are necessary for every commercial property to conceal and provide easy access to different systems but they are usually not attractive elements of a property. Many property owners prefer to conceal their access panels to avoid them detracting from interior aesthetic. Fortunately, access panels can be relatively easy to conceal with the following tips.

Solutions for Concealing Access Panels 

Installing an access panel is a significant step in making properties look more attractive, as well as keeping them secure, by concealing wiring, pipes, and other components that are not generally aesthetically pleasing. If you also prefer to have the panel itself be as inconspicuous as possible, you can do that in some of the following ways:

  • Install Invisible Access Panels – GFRG access panels blend almost seamlessly with the surrounding ceiling or wall. The flange goes behind the wall, leaving only a small gap of a fraction of an inch wide between the panel and the wall, which will be practically invisible.
  • Finish Your Panel Correctly – When you have GFRG panels, you can finish the drywall-like material in the same method that you are finishing the surrounding drywall so that it blends in. If you are using materials other than GFRG, such as metal, you should choose a finishing type that is as close as possible to the surrounding wall.
  • Select the Right Placement – The first priority in placement is providing easy access to whatever the panel conceals. But you might still have some options and can install your access panel in a more low-traffic area where there are simply fewer people to see the access panel.
  • Place Decorative Items – Once the panel is in place, you may be able to place items in front of it either on the wall or next to it. This depends on what the access panel is for and how easily it needs to be accessed. You will not want to place anything permanent in case mechanical personnel need to get inside.

GFRG access panels, in addition to being sleek and professional looking on your property, are also affordable and extremely easy to install. At GC Products, we sell our GFRG access panels in several different sizes to meet the standard needs of our customers and can also customize the size and shape when necessary.

Both standard and custom GFRG access panels are the right choice when you need an access panel that is fully functional but will not ruin the appearance of your property. See all of the available sizes of access panels we have available or contact us for a quote on a custom project.

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