Appearance Benefits of GFRC Over Precast

Appearance Benefits of GFRC Over Precast

Appearance Benefits of GFRC Over Precast 150 150 gcproductsinc

At GC Products, we often talk about all of the benefits that glass fiber reinforced concrete offers for architectural elements. Its strength, its light weight, its easy installation, and the affordable cost make it a top material for a wide range of projects.

But there are also several additional benefits to GFRC that promote better appearance over the long term than precast concrete, making this a top choice for exterior design features.

How GFRC Can Create More Attractive Features

With GFRC, the base product has a concrete like appearance, highly similar to precast concrete. Once installed, the contractor will field finish it, using texturing, painting, and other finishing options to make it possible to achieve a wide variety of different looks with GFRC. 

In addition to the customization options, some of the benefits to using GFRC in place of precast concrete or other architectural materials in terms of appearance include:

  • Larger Sizes – The lighter weight of the GFRC means the individual pieces can be much larger without needing extra support. This leads to fewer seams and connection points for an overall cleaner look that is also easier to install.
  • Less Shrinkage – Precast concrete and GFRC will naturally shrink some during the curing process. But GFRC shrinkage is extremely minimal, leading to a very clean installation and final appearance with less tolerance needed in measurements. 
  • Consistency with Colors – Depending on how color is applied to GFRC during manufacturing, products can be far more consistent since the same color mix will go further rather than having to mix multiple batches of precast in which the color might vary slightly from batch to batch.
  • Smoother Cuts – Although cutting is not usually necessary for GFRC because it is completed to specifications offsite, in cases where you need to make a cut, it is easier to achieve a clean line since there are no large aggregates in the mixture and you can easily cut through the thin fiberglass.
  • Less Staining – GFRC is much denser than precast concrete. This leaves fewer spaces in which water and other liquids can seep through and cause stains. Less absorption will keep GFRC looking great for years and also extend its lifespan.

GC Products creates high quality GFRC elements for commercial properties. While many comparable products are possible with precast concrete, our use of glass fiber reinforced concrete creates stronger and more attractive products that are easier to install and more affordable. Learn more about  all of the different GFRC products that we can produce and get a quote for your project when you contact our team.

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