How Flush Access Panels Can Help Keep the Acoustic Integrity of a Space

How Flush Access Panels Can Help Keep the Acoustic Integrity of a Space

How Flush Access Panels Can Help Keep the Acoustic Integrity of a Space 150 150 gcproductsinc

Here at GC Products, we often review some of the many benefits of GFRG access panels over other types of residential and commercial access panels. From their longevity to their pest resistance to their ability to be finished seamlessly within the property, there are many reasons that our customers elect to use our standard and custom GFRG access panels for their construction projects.

But access panels are more than just access panels. For example, one thing that you may not know about GFRG – and by default, the access panels – is that it has excellent soundproofing and acoustic properties. While this may not be a necessary benefit for all types of properties, it can be immensely beneficial for concert halls and venues where sound quality is important.

How Could GFRG Access Panels Affect Acoustics

Architects that work with acoustics and soundproofing recognize how important it is to have a truly seamless design. Any jagged or mismatched areas of the interior of the building can completely change the way that sound travels.

GFRG has excellent acoustics. GFRG access panels also have the added benefit of being almost entirely seamless and flush with the surface. By placing these flush access panels in the places you need them, you not only have an aesthetically pleasing look with no distracting seams – you also are able to prevent sound from escaping, entering the cracks, or affecting the sound waves as they travel around the property.

It is even theoretically possible to create custom GFRG access panels with specific acoustic properties, like changing the thickness and size to absorb and reflect sound waves. GFRG is also capable of soundproofing, which makes it beneficial outside of just acoustic-focused properties.

The Many Benefits of GFRG Access Panels

GFRG access panels are not typically chosen because of their acoustic properties. But there are situations where these acoustic and soundproofing benefits are important. Flush access panels from GC Products can help you maintain the integrity of any acoustic space, and are one of the many benefits of using these panels in your construction. We have standard and custom sizes available. Contact us to start your order.  

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