How GFRG Access Panels Compare in Terms of Sustainability

How GFRG Access Panels Compare in Terms of Sustainability

How GFRG Access Panels Compare in Terms of Sustainability 150 150 gcproductsinc

GC Products is the leading manufacturer of GFRG access panels, and we can now send our access panels anywhere in the United States and abroad. We make flush access panels that are nearly invisible to the naked eye, and are both easy to install and easy to finish for contractors.

There are plenty of reasons to consider one of these access panels for your next project. But one additional reason that you may not have considered is sustainability. Our access panels are an important part of creating a sustainable property – all without adding extra costs to your construction process.

What Makes GFRG Access Panels a Sustainable Solution?

GFRG access panels are a more “green” solution for architects and contractors hoping to prove their commitment to reducing their effect on the environment. Some of the ways that GFRG is considered a sustainable option include:

  • Renewable – Gypsum, the primary mineral in GFRG access panels, is a naturally occurring mineral that can be extracted and processed using entirely sustainable solutions. It is abundantly available and does not appear to affect any ecosystems when removed.
  • Production Process – The production process to create GFRG access panels requires significantly less energy than other types of materials. This means lower greenhouse gas emissions.
  • Recyclable – GFRG access panels can be recycled or re-used, which reduces waste.
  • Air Quality Improvements – GFRG releases fewer “volatile organic compounds” than other types of materials, which means better overall indoor air quality.
  • Protection from Heat Transfer – Though access panels may represent a very small portion of a property’s overall insulation, GFRG is known to prevent heat transfer, which in turn means less usage of air conditioners and HVAC systems.

GFRG access panels can also last for decades, and – with minimal replacement and repair necessary – means that there are fewer wasteful repair visits, less waste, and even less labor needed for installation (which means less cars driving to the worksite).

GFRG access panels also provide all this while offering a flush access panel that is easy to install and looks amazing when finished – almost invisible to the naked eye.

Access panels come in many different materials, but most contractors prefer GFRG access panels as soon as they’ve tried them. Order yours today from GC Products.

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