Cost Advantages of GFRC Over Precast

Cost Advantages of GFRC Over Precast

Cost Advantages of GFRC Over Precast 150 150 gcproductsinc

Glassfiber reinforced concrete (GFRC) is a very popular architectural material. It is frequently used in place of precast concrete, as it is lighter weight and can be molded into more complex designs. But one of the knocks on GFRC is that the “cost is higher.” Many people argue that GFRC is more expensive. But the numbers show that this not true.

How GFRC Costs Less Than Precast Concrete

One of the main reasons that people choose GFRC is that precast concrete is incapable of more complex designs. More complex designs may cost slightly more to make. But if one were to try to re-create that same design in pre-cast, precast concrete would instantly become more expensive. An apples to apples comparison shows that GFRC requires a similar cost to fabricate.

Similarly, the cost from design to installation is often less with GFRC:

  • GFRC costs less to ship. Because it is lighter weight, it is typically less expensive to move from the fabrication site at GC Products to your location.
  • GFRC is less likely to chip or break in transport. Precast can be surprisingly fragile, and may require additional labor for repairs. Not so of GFRC.
  • GFRC is typically easier to install. Because of its lighter weight, there is less time spent on labor costs and potentially high price reinforcements.
  • GFRC offers a reduced construction time. Since “time is money,” GFRC’s ability to be pre-fabricated offsite means that there is less downtime.

For the property owner, the benefits of GFRC continue. GFRC is easier to maintain and far more energy efficient, both of which lower costs to the client. GFRC is also durable, and will last for potentially decades without any meaningful damage. Precast needs to be repaired and replaced more often, adding to its total lifetime costs.

Overall, fabrication of GFRC may not be most cheaper than precast concrete. But the total cost from beginning to end is often much less depending on the design, saving both the contractor and the property owner money in the short and long term. Learn more about GFRC or receive a free estimate by contacting GC Products, today.

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