Specifications of Our Access Panels at GC Products

Specifications of Our Access Panels at GC Products

Specifications of Our Access Panels at GC Products 1092 621 gcproductsinc

GC Products is widely known for creating custom GFRG and GFRC products for all different types of commercial properties. Our architectural columns, ceilings, wall panels, cornices, and so much more have been used in some of the most widely recognized building in the United States, from the Samsung Headquarters to Climate Pledge Arena.

But we are quickly becoming well known for our access panels, which can be used on both commercial and residential properties by designers that are interested in near-hidden access panels that blend in with drywall. These access panels, which come in multiple sizes (and which can be customized by contacting our team at GC Products), are highly regarded for both their appearance and specifications.

Access Panel Specs

For a complete list of specifications, or to see what our panels can do, we encourage you to contact GC Products and talk to one of our support team members. But some of the most important details of our access panels are as follows:

  • Shell Thickness – 1/8” to 3/16” depending on the type of access panel.
  • Average Fastener Pull Out Weight – 525lbs for wood studs, 215lbs for metal studs.
  • Results of Fastener Push Through Test – Average of 359lbs.
  • Fuel Contribution/Flame Spread/Smoke Index (ASTM E84-80) – All 0.

Our access panels are also non-combustible and Class A Non-Rated.

Why Choose Our Access Panels?

In addition to the specs themselves, our access panels are designed to blend seamlessly into drywall and be essentially hidden from view. Because they are made with GFRG, they can be finished exactly the same as the rest of the property. They are very easy to install and do not typically require framing unless determined by job-site conditions, all of which reduce the cost of labor while improving the final appearance of the products.

We know how important specifications are to determining which access panel is right for you. We encourage you to contact GC Products for more information about our access panel specifications or to learn more about custom access panels and bulk orders for your next projects.

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