Contractors: Two Small Products that Make a Big Difference in Design and Quality

Contractors: Two Small Products that Make a Big Difference in Design and Quality 150 150 gcproductsinc
Contractors are always trying to save money. A slightly cheaper wood, or a paint that's a few dollars less - all of these can help the contractor save money without sacrificing the quality of work to the customer. GC Products Inc. offers two off-the-shelf products that not only provide similar value, but are still of [...]read more

GFRG Signs – GC Products

GFRG Signs – GC Products 150 150 gcproductsinc

GFRG for Signs – Modern and Long Lasting GC Products develops architectural products out of GFRG. We are the preferred choice for column covers, ceilings, panels, and many other architectural products. But GFRG is a versatile material, capable of curves, angles, and any shape that you can imagine. It allows us to create products that…

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Hermes Flagship Store

Hermes Flagship Store 150 150 gcproductsinc

Hermes Flagship Store in San Francisco with Touches from GC Products Inc. Hermes International is known for high end fashion and luxury. For their San Francisco flagship store, GC Products was brought on by Swinerton Builders to help achieve the high-end architecture that matches the high-end brand. GC Products manufactured over 130 custom molds to cast the necessary…

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How Strong is GFRG?

How Strong is GFRG? 150 150 gcproductsinc

GFRG is a durable material. It typically has a flexural strength of 3000-4000 PSI, with a compressive strength of 7600 PSI. GFRG is specifically popular because it is one of the few products that combines strength and durability with considerably less total weight. That makes it: Easier to install.Easier to ship.Less likely to break/chip/damage. GFRG’s…

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Applications for GFRG Panels – Market Report

Applications for GFRG Panels – Market Report 960 635 gcproductsinc

As the popularity of GFRG continues to rise, so too do the number of properties and architects that use GFRG related products. As a design product, GFRG isn’t limited to any property type, and can be used with essentially any type of design. But there is evidence that GFRG is more popular and more common…

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GFRG Solves Problems

GFRG Solves Problems 700 525 gcproductsinc

GFRG Solves Architectural Materials Challenges Architects and designers are often faced with the challenge of meeting the structural demands of new properties while achieving their ambitious visions for the final design of the property. Few materials are capable of being crafted into more complex designs, while also adhering to durability, fire resistance, and green construction…

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GFRG Columns

GFRG Columns 1800 1200 gcproductsinc

GFRG Columns – Easily Replicated for Consistent Designs GC Products Inc is the leader in GFRG columns. We pre-cast according to your specific design elements, and then ship them to your location for an easy and long lasting installation. If you are looking to order GFRG columns, or any other GFRG designs, please call us…

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Advantages of Architectural GFRC

Advantages of Architectural GFRC 1300 587 gcproductsinc

As GFRG and GFRC specialists, GC Products is here to offer support and guidance for your architectural designs. Our team combines high quality craftsmanship with reliable service that ensures that your products will be completed in time for your contractors, and capable of easy installation for your building or remodel. If you’d like to learn…

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Parq Casino

Parq Casino 3120 1560 gcproductsinc

Project Photos from Parq Casino Resort in Vancouver, BC As the leaders in GFRG and GFRC, we love taking every opportunity to showcase our product photos. One of our favorites is this custom designed ceiling and columns in Parq Casino, located in Vancouver, BC in Canada. We love the way that these turned out, and…

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Our Shower Niches

Our Shower Niches 479 550 gcproductsinc

Have You Seen Our Ledge Shower Niche Products? GC Products is the nationwide leader of GFRG and GFRC designs. But we also offer other products as well. Our shower niche designs were so popular, we created Ledge Products, a standalone company that offers wholesale priced bathroom shower shelves made of a high quality, durable material…

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