Gypsum – The Right Choice for Your Next Access Panel

Gypsum – The Right Choice for Your Next Access Panel

Gypsum – The Right Choice for Your Next Access Panel 1365 2048 gcproductsinc

Most buildings require access panels to be installed directly into walls near the utilities they support. An access panel is a small technical compartment that is commonly used to store plumbing components, circuit boxes, and electrical outlets. A well-designed access panel should be difficult to notice, creating a convenient opening while keeping to the wall’s original style and appearance.

Gypsum – especially glassfiber reinforced gypsum (GFRG), is often the best choice for access panels. These panels, made with the same base material as the surrounding drywall, are able to blend seamlessly into the surrounding area and be finished in the exact same style as the rest of the property for a nearly invisible, hidden appearance.

Why Should My Access Panel Be Made of Gypsum?

GFRG in general is a thin and lightweight construction material. Because GFRG is developed from a combination of minerals and glass, it is resistant to any mold growth, which can be helpful as access panels are normally installed between walls where moisture and fungus can grow.

There are several other benefits of utilizing gypsum for your access panel materials, including:

  • Easy To Install – Due to its customizable shape and light weight, there are few materials that are easier to install than gypsum. This means that you’ll be able to enjoy the benefits of a heavier, more durable material while also utilizing an easy to install option when you pick gypsum.
  • Environmentally Friendly – Because gypsum is a mineral, there is less environmental harm done during its manufacturing process. This makes gypsum a fantastic sustainable choice for a durable access panel.
  • Durable but Lightweight – Working with a lightweight material can make any construction project significantly easier, as well as safe for the workers in charge of the installation. Gypsum is a light, thin, and durable option.
  • Aesthetically Pleasing – GFRG can be used to replicate the look of sheet rock or typical drywall much better than most other materials. Because of this, your access panel will be completely customizable and paintable to look like whatever wall you are installing it into.
  • Available in Any Size You Need – On top of all the other mentioned benefits, gypsum is also an incredibly adaptable material. Whenever size or shape you need your access panel to fit, gypsum can be shaped into that custom sized need. Access panels need to fitted perfectly for them to remain hidden, gypsum makes this part of job that much easier.

Gypsum itself is fairly fragile, but when reinforced with glass fibers, it quickly becomes incredibly durable, allowing you to enter the access panel as often as possible without worrying about the fragility of the product.

An access panel door should always be developed out of a sturdy or durable material. But you also want it to look aesthetically pleasing, meaning you need a material that can be customized to the prior construction work. When it comes to protecting communication systems, computer wiring, security systems, plumbing systems, or any electrical outlets, gypsum that has been reinforced with glass fiber is an efficient material choice for whatever your construction project entails.

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