Styles of Exterior Window Surrounds

Styles of Exterior Window Surrounds

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Window surrounds are a great way to make any commercial property stand out, helping to accentuate the look of the windows and enhance the existing or new architectural styles.

Every property is different. Your window surrounds may be your own unique approach to the design, with a look that no one has seen before or that isn’t traditionally used with other architectural styles. You should always feel yourself free to be inspired to create any design that comes to you, and GC Products LLC will make sure to help turn it into a reality.

Still, there are certainly styles of exterior window surrounds that you may see out there. Some of these styles include:

  • Classical – Georgian classical features symmetrical designs with multi-pane sash windows. Surrounds often include decorative moldings and sometimes pediments, reflecting the classical architecture of ancient Rome and Greece. Palladian classical, on the other hand, is characterized by a large central window flanked by smaller side windows, with a semicircular arch over the central section. The surround might include pilasters or columns.
  • Gothic – Gothic windows are known for their pointed arches and elaborate tracery. Surrounds often include decorative stone moldings and are commonly found in cathedrals and Gothic revival architecture.
  • Renaissance – Renaissance window surrounds might be topped with pediments (triangular or segmental) and are often symmetrically placed around a central axis, reflecting the Renaissance interest in symmetry and proportion.
  • Baroque – Baroque window surrounds are highly decorative, featuring complex moldings, sculptural elements, and often incorporating elements like columns or pilasters.
  • Modern – Modern architecture favors simplicity, with window surrounds often being flush with the walls or subtly defined by a change in material or color. Minimalist is especially popular.

These represent only a small sample of the types of window surrounds you may see on commercial properties these days. Others include contemporary, craftsman, Victorian, and many others. No matter the type of design you envision, contact GC Products LLC today for a quote for our GFRC window surrounds.

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