Why Visual Aesthetics Matter at Commercial Properties – and How GFRG Access Panels Can Help

Why Visual Aesthetics Matter at Commercial Properties – and How GFRG Access Panels Can Help

Why Visual Aesthetics Matter at Commercial Properties – and How GFRG Access Panels Can Help 150 150 gcproductsinc

On many commercial properties, access panels seem like an afterthought. They are added for purely functional reasons to make repairs and maintenance around the property easier. As a result, they are too often made of metal or wood that stands out and detracts from an otherwise beautiful interior design.

Yet designing for aesthetics is becoming more common at commercial properties whether the property is an office building, shopping center, healthcare facility, resort or hotel, restaurant, or government building. With a focus on look as well as function in every aspect of design, including the small details like access panels, aesthetic design brings a number of benefits to any commercial property.

Advantages to Attractive Design in Commercial Spaces

Modern architectural materials have made it possible to meet both the form and functional needs of commercial buildings. GFRG, or glass fiber reinforced gypsum, is one of these materials. Made by adding fiberglass to gypsum, along with other additives, it has an appearance similar to drywall, but is lighter, more durable, and easily formed into any shape. These features make it the perfect choice for aesthetic design while enabling it to meet the more functional purposes of property elements like access panels.

When the property you design or own has a comprehensive and well thought out design, they offer superior:

  • Property Value – A focus on your building’s design offers additional value whether you are leasing space on the property or planning for a future sale. Tenants and buyers, expecting that their employees and customers will appreciate a well designed space, will be willing to pay more for your attention to detail now.
  • Productivity, Sales, and Customer Satisfaction – Research has shown that employees are more productive and customers more likely to make a purchase when they work or shop in a building that they feel comfortable in. Investing in quality features like GFRG access panels up front can result in a large payoff in the future.
  • Environmentally Focused Design – Aesthetic design today is also often sustainable design. GFRG access panels are eco-friendly, as are other GFRG elements because they are made from recycled materials and are more sustainable than plastics.

Creating an aesthetically pleasing space often relies on the details rather than sweeping, grand designs. This makes it possible to also upgrade an existing property with small fixes like switching out access panels for more attractive GFRG access panels or choosing GFRG as the panel material anytime you need to cut a new access door.

With GFRG access panels, achieving a professional look is also affordable since our panels from Ledge Products are made in a variety of standard sizes that are cost-effective to produce, ship, and install. Check out the access panels we have available here or contact us for more customized options to elevate a commercial property’s aesthetic appearance with GFRG.

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