GFRC Plinths from GC Products, Inc.

GFRC Plinths from GC Products, Inc.

GFRC Plinths from GC Products, Inc. 150 150 gcproductsinc

Standard and Custom Designs from an Industry Leading Company

GFRC, or glass fiber reinforced concrete, uses fiberglass to offer additional strength, longevity, and moldability to traditional concrete. The addition of glass also means a far lighter weight despite the greater strength. With all of these benefits, it is easy to understand why GFRC has become a staple in the construction industry where we can use it to create intricate and complex structures and GFRC plinths in any design.

GC Products, Inc. specializes in GFRC – and its interior counterpart GFRG – for fabricating a range of architectural elements. Our extensive range of product experience includes plinths and any column covers or artistic pieces that will complete your exterior facade. Learn more about this material and begin the design process by calling us at 916.645.3870.

Why Order Your GFRC Architectural Products from GC Products

For over 20 years, GC Products has been fabricating architectural elements from GFRC. Our expert team, advanced technology, and modern equipment has enabled us to become a leader in GFRC manufacturing and gives us the capabilities to take on projects ranging from a few plinths to an entire exterior facade.

Plinths often form the basis of columns where they can be anywhere from a few inches high to several feet high. They can also serve as pedestals for sculptures and other display objects. GFRC provides the strength and durability to serve either of these purposes and more.

With the variety of design options for GFRC plinths, we have fabricated standard and custom designs from:

  • Malls and Shopping Centers
  • Hotels
  • Casinos
  • Colleges and Universities
  • Government Buildings, and More

We have developed plinths in a variety of styles, such as plinth bases for Roman columns or neoclassical architecture, Spanish or Mission style architecture, rustic architecture, and more. Because we have the capabilities to design our own molds for the GFRC casting process, we can design plinths that fit in perfectly with the aesthetic at your current or future property.

Benefits of GFRC as an Exterior Construction Material

Depending on the design of your plinth and any accompanying columns, the GFRC can make up the entire plinth or act as a cover to a support structure of steel, wood, or another material. GFRC is extremely strong, but it will not work as a support on its own.

Our engineers are experienced in aesthetic and structural design, and can render a design that meets your expectations while having the integral support. The advantage of having GFRC as the plinth exterior is its easy customization Whether you are concealing internal supports or want a look that is not possible for affordable with other materials, we can make the GFRC plinth or plinth cover in any size, shape, and texture, while also adding in elements like scrollwork, mouldings, bas relief, and other artistic accents.

After installation, you can finish the plinth in many different ways to resemble stone, wood, or with bold and eye-catching colors.

In addition to these design options, other benefits of GFRC include:

  • Replicable Designs – Each plinth is made from a single mold. This means that every plinth will look the same, whether you are ordering 2 or several hundred.
  • Fast Production Time – Unlike precast concrete, carpentry, masonry, or stone carving that can take days to complete each plinth, GFRC cures and can be removed from the mold in less than a day.
  • More Affordable Installation – Since GFRC weighs less than many other types of plinths and is fabricated off site, the installation process will go quickly and often does not require much heavy equipment, saving you costs on time and labor.
  • Durable and Long Lasting – GFRC lasts for years and is corrosion resistant, crack resistant, and waterproof. You can clean it easily with soft pressure washing or gentle cleaning methods.
  • Eco-Friendly Material – We use natural and recycled materials in producing our GFRC mixture. With a longer lifespan, there will also be less waste than with other materials.

GFRC is ideal for any outdoor plinth where its waterproof and weather resistant composition will keep it in good condition. For internal applications, GFRG is often a better option. Using a gypsum-based instead of concrete, GFRG has the same advantages of moldability and versatility at an even lower weight.

At GC Products, we can fabricate indoor and outdoor plinths from GFRC and GFRG. Let us show you the standard GFRC plinth designs we have available for a quick and inexpensive design option, or get started with a completely custom design. Call us at 916.645.3870 or use our contact form to get in touch.

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