Why Use GFRC Bollard Covers?

Why Use GFRC Bollard Covers?

Why Use GFRC Bollard Covers? 150 150 gcproductsinc

Bollards can be both a safety and security measure at properties. They designate walkways and prevent cars from entering pedestrian areas. For security purposes, they can limit access to certain vehicles. 

But in order to be effective, many bollards are crafted from steel or concrete which often do not match the exterior finishing on your building and detract from the overall professional appearance. GFRC bollard covers provide a convenient and attractive solution.

Advantages of GFRC Bollards

GFRC is a strong and durable material that is well suited for outdoor architectural applications. It is waterproof, has a high impact and tensile strength, will stand up to the elements, and can endure pedestrian contact and light collisions, such as from a shopping cart, without taking any damage. GFRC is also highly customizable.

We use GFRC to create bollards that look professional and meld with the other design features of your property with benefits that include:

  • Different Bollard Forms – GFRC is suitable for any of the bollard types and shapes, including posts, balls, and planters. Each bollard can be any width and height. The shape can be based on the existing steel or concrete bollards, and it is possible to create custom shapes as well.
  • Design Styles – In addition to shape, the design aesthetics are highly customizable. You can have a contemporary bollard cover with a smooth finish or incorporate details like fluting, cut outs, and textures that can help customize bollards to any type of property.
  • Meets Security Requirements – Along with the correct interior support, we can create bollard covers that provide for the security requirements that your specific property must adhere to. 
  • Mounting Styles – GFRC bollards can be built into the ground or surface mounted to match the needs of your property and give you the option of easily changing out bollards if ever necessary in the future.

At GC Products, we create high quality, custom GFRC bollard covers and offer a range of standard designs. Each of our products is made with expert precision and reliable production techniques for a bollard that will stand up in terms of appearance and safety for many years. Contact us to learn more about our options.

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