GFRC Panels vs Precast Concrete – Which to Use at Your Property

GFRC Panels vs Precast Concrete – Which to Use at Your Property

GFRC Panels vs Precast Concrete – Which to Use at Your Property 150 150 gcproductsinc

Modern properties of all kinds, ranging from retail to hotels and casinos to educational facilities to religious centers, need solutions that provide a professional and customized exterior but at an affordable price. Another feature many properties are looking for is durability.

This makes GFRC panels and precast concrete panels the top two options for property exteriors. Both are sturdy and long lasting, relying on a base of Portland cement. Since both also use molds for the production process, it is easy to create these panels in a range of shapes and sizes. But each type of panel is best suited for different applications and choosing the right option for your property will save on costs.

Advantages to GFRC Panels 

GFRC and precast concrete both use Portland cement, sand, water, and other aggregates. GFRC also has glass fibers scattered throughout the mixture. This gives GFRC a ratio of one to one for cement and sand, whereas concrete has a one to six ratio. The glass fibers give GFRC strength and rigidity, while offering several benefits over the precast mixture:

  • Lighter Weight – GFRC panels are about a third of the weight of precast concrete panels, making it easier and lower cost to ship and install.
  • Faster Production Time – Precast concrete will take multiple days to cure depending on the cement type and will be fully cured at about a month. GFRC takes about 16 hours at most.
  • Higher Strength – GFRC panels beat precast panels in tensile, flexural, and impact strength, making them an all around stronger choice for your building.
  • Lower Water Permeability – Both precast and GFRC panels are waterproof, but over decades, water that seeps into concrete will start to erode it. GFRC is naturally more resistant to water than precast concrete.
  • Natural Disaster Resistant – GFRC can sufficiently withstand high winds, is fireproof, and has good resistance in seismic areas due to the flexibility of the panel. These capabilities can be further increased during the production process with the right customizations. 

These features make GFRC almost always the top option for any exterior panels, including the fascia, soffit, and more. 

One area where precast is the better option is anywhere where the panel will be load bearing, such as in a parking garage since GFRC does not have that strength but precast concrete does.
Learn more about the customization options and benefits available with GFRC panels by contacting GC Products, the leading choice for creating GFRC panels for a wide range of commercial properties.

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