Why Choose a GFRG Ceiling for Your Property? 

Why Choose a GFRG Ceiling for Your Property? 

Why Choose a GFRG Ceiling for Your Property?  150 150 gcproductsinc

The ceiling is one of the most expansive surface areas on a property. Although it may not be the most apparently visible, it is responsible for the look and feel of a property, safety and building code standards, and a range of other factors that make the ceiling a priority.

There are a there are several different materials you can construct a ceiling from, including standard flat drywall to carved wood, but it is GFRG that offers the best results for the efficiency, functionality, and aesthetic of any building. 

Advantages of GFRG Ceilings Over Other Materials 

Glass fiber reinforced gypsum uses the same gypsum base as drywall with the addition of alkali resistant fiberglass. The fiberglass lends structural support to the object with significantly less weight. Because the manufacturing process also uses forms to construct GFRG ceilings, it is possible to fabricate an array of different shapes, curvatures, individual panels, and artistic designs. 

With different finishing methods, GFRG can still keep the appearance of other materials. For instance, you can construct a GFRG ceiling with a wood-like appearance or paint your ceiling as you would drywall or plaster for a more conventional look, achieving any design with the same GFRG base.

In addition to the variety of styles, GFRG also has the following benefits for ceilings at commercial properties:

  • Low Weight – GFRG weighs far less than other materials, meaning you need less structural support in place to hold the ceiling. This makes installation easier, and also enables you to incorporate far more advanced designs by using architectural elements like domes, medallions, drop ceilings, and others without significantly increasing your budget or workload.
  • Acoustic Capabilities – Ceilings will significantly impact the acoustics of a space as a sound bounces off the surface. GFRG has average sound absorption qualities to prevent extensive echoing. You can also fine tune the acoustics of a GFRG ceiling by capitalizing on the customizability of GFRG during the design and fabrication stage.
  • Fire and Seismic Safety – GFRG rates highly in terms of fire resistance, flame retardation, and stability during seismic activity. This can help you meet building codes and a GFRG ceiling can promote safety in the event of a disaster.
  • Incorporated Lighting – It is easy with GFRG to plan for lighting and electric during the design phase. You can incorporate recessed lighting, cove lighting, and other lighting effects that will create a seamless look and natural lighting that flows well with a space.

Additionally, GFRG has a far lower cost than other materials, making it one of the most affordable ways to construct a ceiling no matter how expansive the space is. GC Products is a designer and fabricator of GFRC ceilings. We have designed ceilings for a wide range of properties, including hotels, casinos, museums, theaters, and more. To discuss your project specifications and get a quote, contact our team today.

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