Fire Resistance of GFRC Ceilings 

Fire Resistance of GFRC Ceilings 

Fire Resistance of GFRC Ceilings  150 150 gcproductsinc

Fire resistance is essential throughout a property and the ceiling is one area where this is especially key in order to prevent the spread of flames or smoke to and from other areas of a property. GFRC is a leading construction material for ceilings that meets rigorous standards for fire safety. 

These are some of the different standards GFRC adheres to and how a GFRC ceiling can help protect your property from future damage.

Fire Safety Testing for GFRC Ceilings

Standards for fire safety include a comprehensive list of factors, including flammability, the temperature required for ignition, resistance to smoke, and the rate of flame spread. Flame spread rate (FSR) is one of the most common fire ratings you will see for materials as denoted by the ASTM 84 E standard.

GFRC receives an A rating for this standard, which means it has extremely high performance in the tunnel test. This test is conducted on GFRC and similar materials through the following method:

  • Goal – The tunnel test assigns a flame spread rating between 0 and 100 that describes how quickly flames move across the surface of a material.
  • Sample Material is Lit – A GFRC sample measuring 25 feet long and 20 inches wide is lit by a gas flame and the tester times how long it takes for the flame to reach the other end.
  • Rating Assigned – Based on the FSR number, the material is grouped into a Class A, Class B, or Class C, with an A rating assigned to all materials that have a flame spread rating of 25 or below.

With GFRC having an A rating, it is effective as a material for ceilings since there is a low risk of flame spread if your property were to catch fire, helping to reduce the overall risk of damage and adhering to fire codes in a commercial building. 

In addition to flame resistance, GFRC ceilings and other architectural elements from GC Products meet several of the most stringent building standards, making the material a top option for ceiling design and construction. Contact our team at GC Products to start your project.

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