Where Should You Use a GFRG Ceiling Vault in Modern Architecture?

Where Should You Use a GFRG Ceiling Vault in Modern Architecture?

Where Should You Use a GFRG Ceiling Vault in Modern Architecture? 150 150 gcproductsinc

Ceiling vaults, including domes, barrel vaults, and gothic vaults, have been a part of architecture since early empires. Often associated with temples and churches, they are most common in grand and historic properties. But despite their long history, vaults still have an important place in more modern architectural design, especially when using more modern materials like GFRG.

Instead of the brick and stone of historic arches, it is also no longer necessary for the vault to be self-supporting. This gives you nearly endless options for ceiling vaults and since GFRG is lightweight, your contractor can easily build a support system for it.

Design Ideas for Architectural GFRG Vaults 

There are a few types of vaults that work as well for contemporary design as they did in historic design. A main difference with these books is that they can be a purely interior element. Previously, domes and barrel vaults were the interior complement to an exterior dome or archway. Today, with enough ceiling clearance you can install vaults wherever you like, whether or not there is a similar arch outside.

Without needing to rely on the arch to provide self-sustaining support, you also have a greater range of options for shapes and configurations, including:

  • Barrel Vaults – The original barrel vaults, the most simplistic of the vaults, use a single arch that runs the length of the vault. This remains a popular option.
  • Groin Vault – Made of two intersecting barrel vaults, the gothic vault adds greater complexity and a more dramatic look. 
  • Hyperbolic Paraboloid Vault – This extremely modern option is only possible with current construction techniques and materials like GFRG. It combines both concave and convex archways in a single vault. 

Some of the benefits of using any of these bold styles in modern design include the original purpose of making a space feel larger than it was. With today’s advancements in science and construction, you can also have a vault that incorporates skylights for extra lighting, contributes to the acoustics of a building, or differentiates entries or hallways from other parts of the property.

With these options, GFRG vaults are a great addition for ceilings in indoor malls, hotels, museums, government buildings, schools or universities, and atriums. 

You can also finish the interior of a vault to match your preferred style. Whether you want to achieve a sleek and contemporary design with a plain surface or imitate classical architecture with brick work or stone, all of these looks are possible with GFRG.

Vaults open up a range of architectural possibilities for a property. If you are interested in incorporating a GFRG vault into your building interior, contact GC Products to learn more about the design and fabrication process and discuss your ideas.

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