How GFRG Light Coves Can Transform Your Property

How GFRG Light Coves Can Transform Your Property

How GFRG Light Coves Can Transform Your Property 150 150 gcproductsinc

Every property needs lighting in interior spaces. The primary purpose is often to increase visibility, but the lighting options you choose also play a large role in the aesthetics of your property, and one of the most aesthetic forms of interior lighting is cove lighting.

GFRG cove lighting uses a ledge crafted from GFRG mounted against a wall or ceiling. The lighting – usually fluorescent bulbs, aluminum-backed LEDs, or ribbon lighting – rests alongside the ledge and is angled upwards, simultaneously providing functional lighting and a range of visual benefits. 

Visual Advantages of GFRG Cove Lighting

With GFRG, you have many options for the design choices with cove lighting. You can incorporate ledges into a larger GFRG ceiling project. There is an option to make crown molding into a ledge for a light cove by simply angling the crown molding away from the wall and concealing the lighting behind a decorative element. Another option is a simple ledge where the wall and ceiling connect with lights installed along the top.

However you choose to design GFRG cove lighting, the lights generally angle towards the ceiling or the wall. This causes an uplighting effect and provides light to the rest of the room as the uplighting bounces off surrounding walls and filters down to the ground below.  The lightweight material also provides easy installation in a range of settings, enabling you to add GFRG cove lighting in almost any interior location. 

Some of the ways in which this style of lighting can help you create a beautiful and cohesive interior in a hotel or casino, theater, high end retailer, restaurant, and a variety of other locations include:

  • Hidden Light Fixtures – Many light fixtures and any wires and chains associated with them are not particularly attractive. With cove lighting, the light fixtures are not visible and the light instead appears to be coming from nowhere.
  • Increased Height – Uplighting from a cove light will give the appearance of increased height because the light is cast upwards, naturally making the ceiling appear taller.
  • Softer Lighting – Light that reflects directly downwards can create hotspots. GFRG cove lighting creates a more diffused lighting, which is closer to natural lighting, for a more soothing and welcoming environment.
  • Additional Decor Feature – If you are incorporating  cove lights into crown molding or an artistic ceiling, you can make the light coves themselves part of your interior design while keeping design elements that continue to complement the other aesthetics of your property. 
  • Complements Decorative Ceilings – Cove lighting casts light on the ceilings at an angle, giving depth to any design aspects. This makes GFRG cove lighting a top choice if you have a GFRG ceiling, ceiling moldings, vaults, or other artistic elements.

Cove lighting can also contribute to the mood of your space on its own, especially when you choose to incorporate different lighting tones, dimmable lights, or color changing LEDs into your cove lights. With the right options, cove lights work well alongside sunlight as a daytime light and soften other light fixtures at night.

If you imagine cove lighting anywhere at your property, contact GC Products to learn more about the customization options for cove lighting and how we can fabricate the perfect design to meet the stylistic needs of your interior.

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