Weather Resistant Capabilities of GFRC

Weather Resistant Capabilities of GFRC

Weather Resistant Capabilities of GFRC 150 150 gcproductsinc

GFRC is recognized as a great material for outdoor textural elements because it is waterproof, but this is far from the only feature that makes GFRC weather resistant and suitable for outdoor conditions. Rather, the capabilities of GFRC make it able to withstand weather conditions in many different locations, making it a great option for wherever your commercial property is located.

How GFRC Resists Weather Better than Other Materials

One of the most similar materials to GFRC is precast concrete, and GFRC  can also replicate materials like precast stone or wood. Each of these materials has different advantages in terms of weather, but GFRC can often exceed those. GFRC offers the following benefits in terms of weather resistance:

  • Waterproof – We have already mentioned that a GFRC is a waterproof material that will stand up to rain, water from cleaning, and other moisture.
  • Rustproof – GFRC does not need reinforcement with rebar to provide the necessary support as precast does, so there will be no metal components in it that could begin to rust over time. This avoids discoloration or a weakening of the structure.
  • Resistant to Salinity – Air with a high concentration of salt in it, such as that in cities near the ocean, tends to wear down surfaces more quickly. GFRC has proven highly resistant to salinity and is likely to last for longer without deterioration in appearance.¬†
  • Good Heat Tolerance – GFRC has strong heat tolerance to resist warmer temperatures and solar radiation from sun exposure.
  • Freeze-Thaw Resistance – The freeze-thaw resistance of GFRC exceeds that of standard concrete. This means that in climates that experience freezing, moisture inside of concrete will expand as temperatures drop, putting extreme pressure on the interior of the concrete, which can lead to cracks and flaking. GFRC reliably retains its appearance and integrity through freeze-thaw cycles, beginning to only exhibit minor flaking after 300 or more cycles.

These features mean that whatever climate your building is subjected to, GFRC elements in exterior construction will remain in good condition, often exceeding that of other construction materials around the property. 

GC Products fabricates high quality GFRC architectural elements, including column covers, cladding, door surrounds, and more that will provide you with many years of exceptional performance and appearances. Contact us to begin your project with a free quote.

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