Reimagining Commercial Hardscaping with GFRC Design Elements 

Reimagining Commercial Hardscaping with GFRC Design Elements 

Reimagining Commercial Hardscaping with GFRC Design Elements  150 150 gcproductsinc

GFRC is a lightweight, durable, and weatherproof material that can reliably stand up to the elements. It is also completely customizable and you can design GFRC products in any size, shape, and style. For this reason, GFRC is a leading material for commercial property exteriors where panels, columns, and other elements constructed from GFRC can customize facades.

But it is also possible to take GFRC beyond the property itself and use it in hardscaping and other more decorative elements around the exterior of a building. These are some of the possibilities for utilizing GFRC in your commercial landscape design.

GFRC Hardscaping Elements

GFRC, or glass fiber reinforced concrete, is made by adding fiberglass to a standard concrete mixture. The fiberglass provides reinforcement to the concrete but at a far lower weight than pure precast concrete. At the same time, GFRC has compatible or superior durability with almost all of the products used in hardscaping, including precast, cast stone, and more.

The construction process for GFRC architectural and hardscaping elements requires adding cement and fiberglass to molds. Because of the customizable nature of the molds, this makes it possible to create a range of hardscaping elements, including:

  • GFRC Planters 
  • GFRC Plinths for Shade Structures 
  • GFRC Columns
  • GFRC Benches 
  • GFRC Walls 
  • GFRC Water Features 
  • GFRC Gazebos
  • GFRC Statuary 
  • GFRC Fire Pits

One of the primary limitations when considering GFRC for hardscaping elements is that it is not weight bearing itself, but it can be used effectively as a cover. For instance, with columns that support shade structures or outdoor patios, GFRC is a popular option for column coverings that surround a reinforced interior. GFRC can provide customized decorative elements with any degree of detail to help transform structural elements into attractive features.

Because GFRC is already a prime material for exterior architectural elements, extending its use to hardscaping makes it especially easy to match landscaping design with property styles as all elements can be constructed from the same material to carry design themes across different parts of your property.

GC Products designs and manufactures GFRC architectural elements. We have created a wide variety of products for our clients and provide both standardized and completely custom elements. If you have an exterior design or hardscaping project, contact us to see if GFRC might be the right material for your needs.

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