The Shower Niche Statement: How to Do More with Your Bathroom

The Shower Niche Statement: How to Do More with Your Bathroom

The Shower Niche Statement: How to Do More with Your Bathroom 150 150 gcproductsinc

It is important when building or renovating a home to design ways to help it stand out. We often refer to these as “statement pieces,” such as an accent wall, a fireplace, pieces of artwork, or a rug that ties the room together. They are the first thing a person should notice when they enter a room, and interior designers will often utilize statement pieces to create a continuous style or aesthetic throughout a property.

When it comes to bathrooms though, they are not usually designed with a statement piece in mind. Bathrooms are normally function first and form after. They are designed for personal use, and while older bathrooms will often have elements that are meant to stand out, this has not been the case for some time. There are still some ways to make your bathrooms standout such as a tiled backsplash or a creative vanity. Clawfoot tubs also make fantastic statement pieces, but quite rare in modern home design.

How to Make Your Bathroom Stand Out in the Right Way

So, if you’re looking for a way create a bathroom that stands out and draws attention to the right places, a shower niche is a fantastic renovation to consider. That’s because a shower niche:

  • Draws the Eye – The shower niche will focus attention onto your tiling. Similar to an accent wall, by drawing the eye towards the shower niche, your guests will not be looking at your sink or toilet.
  • Saves Money – It is a cost-effective renovation compared to other possible statement pieces for your bathroom. A high-quality shower niche can run you roughly $100, which is considerably less compared to many bathroom vanities that can cost you upwards of $2,000.
  • Adds Function – Your shower niche is a functional upgrade. Whether it is at eye level and utilized for additional shelving or positioned further down to provide a step for shaving or washing your legs, a shower niche looks good and won’t go unused.
  • Creates a Style – A shower niche will call attention to itself while you’re in the shower. This means it can act as its own statement piece, or compliment an already existing one in your bathroom. There are a tone of styles and colors that can be picked, and when combined with the rest of the bathroom, can create a more cohesive look.

Shower niches have very real, measurable value, and if you’re already re-designing your bathroom, they are one of the most cost effective updates you can make as well.

A Shower Niche Can Make a Big Impact on Your Construction Project

Our purpose behind making high-end shower niches is to create an option to your home that provides both form and function at an affordable cost. They are able to add value and usefulness to your shower, which is normally a very limited space.

If you are considering renovating your bathroom, or are in the middle of a project, a shower niche from GC Products might be exactly what you are looking for. Cost-effective and easy to add into preexisting construction plan, there’s no good reason to let your bathroom go without a shower niche. Order bulk GFRC shower niches from GC Products by contacting our team, today.

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